• Bilal MohammedBilal Mohammed, over 6 years ago

    Yay!!! I got http://handoff.design

    How I intend to use it : I plan to put together all the resources & articles related to the design handoff process. There's great progress made by a lot of tool-makers & nifty ideas/tricks being used by many design-teams — I think it would be an interesting place to have it all together.

    I've already kickstarted this by mustering up a brief template that designers could use. I'm refining it by getting lots of feedback from many teams operating in different conditions.

    P.S. I'm redirecting http://handoff.design to that post for now, while I work on a proper website.

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  • Nick PfistererNick Pfisterer, over 6 years ago

    This is such a great deal, but I can't think of a great .design domain that I want to register. :(

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    • Axel ValdezAxel Valdez, over 6 years ago

      Same here :(

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      • Ross BrackettRoss Brackett, over 6 years ago

        If you're still stuck, we have a tool to help you brainstorm ideas: https://web.design/namespinner


        Some other thoughts:

        1. I encourage folks with unique last names to secure theirlastname.design because someone with last name "Smith" is not so lucky. It will either be taken already or more expensive than $35.51 as most common last names are "premium" and thus more expensive.

        2. You could always just use a .design domain as a branded forward or URL shortener until you're further inspired to do something unique with the domain.

        3. The free deal isn't going away any time soon, so feel free to take your time deciding, just remember…someone else might snag it up first!

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  • Max Lind, over 6 years ago

    Elsewhere, .design domains can cost $70 or more but by partnering directly with .design we’re able to not only get free first year names, but only $35 for all annual renewals.

    Free name package includes a year of free email hosting. Whois privacy and SSL certs are always free! If you’ve already secured your free name but have multiple projects in mind, get as many domains as you want for $5 with code DESIGNERNEWS*

    *Does not apply to premium names (e.g., nyc.design, smith.design, visual.design).

    Where can I find the deals? — Deals can be found under your DN profile at: https://www.designernews.co/me/deals

    Don't have a DN account?Signup for a free account first, then join the community and access your codes/discounts.

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  • Matthew BlodeMatthew Blode, over 6 years ago


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  • Erdal Keser, over 5 years ago


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  • yahya el walii, 6 years ago

    thank you DN _^

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  • Wyatt CampizWyatt Campiz, over 6 years ago

    Sweet! campiz.design

    Going to use it for my portfolio. Awesome!

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  • Tom RantalaTom Rantala, over 6 years ago

    Nice, thanks!

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  • Vipul Malhotra, over 6 years ago

    Thank you! :)

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