Not very many remote design jobs

over 6 years ago from , No-one at nowhere

Is there a decline in remote design roles? I'm sure I remember seeing more of them advertised in the past.

I'm starting to look for a new challenge and was hoping to find something entirely remote, but I'm not sure it's very likely now.

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  • Arsen Ibragimov, over 3 years ago

    Late to the party but you are right! Take a look at top remote job boards. They post like 5 design jobs per week.

    If you or your colleges are still looking for a remote job take a look at Meerkad. It's handpicked and curated by community jobs from: 1. most popular remote job boards like WWR, Remote.Co, RemoteOk, Remotive 2. social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter 3. websites like DN, Dribbble and Behance 4. others 70+ sources

    Here are the jobs for UX/UI https://meerkad.com/remote-ux-ui-design-jobs Graphic design jobs are here https://meerkad.com/remote-graphic-design-jobs


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