• Jamie Leung, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

    I'm based in the UK and with the introduction of this new Investigatory Powers Bill I've been looking for an alternative to using my custom gmail address to reduce the amount of personal data that will be readily accessible to government departments.

    I've come across Proton that is based in Switzerland and data is only disclosed to the Cantonal Courts of Geneva or the Swiss Federal Supreme Court and the user is notified of such activity.

    Same goes for Fastmail

    We do not participate in, or co-operate with, any kind of blanket surveillance or monitoring. (We also point out that Australia does not have any equivalent to the US National Security Letter, so we cannot be forced to do something without being allowed to disclose it.)

    Whereas the likes of Spark Mail are openly subjected to –

    We respond to subpoenas, court orders, or legal process, or to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims. We transfer your information in the event a merger, divestiture, restructuring, reorganization, dissolution or sale or transfer of some or all of our assets, whether as a going concern or as part of bankruptcy, liquidation or similar proceeding and you agree to and do hereby consent to our assignment or transfer of rights to your personal information.

    Furthermore AirMail is also running analytics service Bit Stadium Gmbh which happens to be a Microsoft product.

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  • Ollie BarkerOllie Barker, over 6 years ago

    There are so many email apps these days that all basically do the same thing. I've tried so many and just stick with Google Inbox for now.

    It made me laugh though seeing an [Airmail] folder in the demo.

    Airmail Folder

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  • Asher SimondsAsher Simonds, over 6 years ago

    Anyone know how this is sustained? Spark looks like it's free to use.

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  • Tom WoodTom Wood, over 6 years ago

    It's beautiful, no doubt.

    But is it better than Airmail? Within 5 minutes of using it I'm staring at my Inbox and I have to read the names of the Senders to distinguish each one. The way Airmail includes an icon for each Sender is enormously useful when you're receiving high volumes of emails – being able to quickly scan your inbox to find something is essential for those who use their inboxes as to-do lists.

    Add to that a very long and tiered folder structure for all the clients, which Arimail automatically differentiates with coloured icons, and it makes it easier to find things and sort them.

    I'm all for a nice a clean design, but not at the expense of productivity.

    However, this completely blows Polymail out of the water.

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  • Henry MoranHenry Moran, over 6 years ago

    Great app and I tried it today for the first time and I'm making it my default email app.

    Does anyone know why it's free? Will they be charging later down the road like Nylas?

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  • KQ DregerKQ Dreger, over 6 years ago

    Been using the beta for about a week now, and it's grown on me. Closer to Sparrow than anything we've had before.

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    • Jonathan Simcoe, over 6 years ago

      I've been using Superhuman for a while now and while Spark is good, it's still not good enough to pry me away. Superhuman only works in Chrome as of right now, but hopefully they'll get a native wrapper going soon.

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  • Drew L., over 6 years ago

    I've been enjoying the Spark iOS app for a while now and am excited that there's a Mac app. I have noticed one little pain point and that's in the reading pane. Sometimes, more not than often, when I try to scroll down to see the rest of the email it gets stuck and I have to scroll up to get it unstuck. Just a minor glitch in an otherwise stable app.

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  • Rik RoukensRik Roukens, over 6 years ago

    Looks really good! I'm going to give it a try, I was a heavy Sparrow user and fan, lets see how close this one comes!

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  • Karl WeberKarl Weber, over 6 years ago

    This app, and it's marketing, look fantastic. Bravo my friends, bravo.

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  • Ken Em, over 6 years ago

    I've tried the iOS app a few times, but keep gravitating back toward Outlook. I also question the free thing. I hope they won't pull a CloudMagic and all of a sudden decide to charge a ridiculous fee with no warning.

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    • Jonathan Simcoe, over 6 years ago

      They've had Spark for iOS for years without charging. Not sure what their end-game is though. Hopefully they don't sell it to a large corporation who will then kill it.

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    • Ron SchramaRon Schrama, over 6 years ago

      Just downloaded the iOS app after seeing the desktop app. I get annoyed by a lack of margin on the sides. If emails don't use them themselves it doesn't read well so close to the edge of the screen.

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  • B TB T, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

    I wonder why they use a custom font on the iOS app. On macOS it looks like they picked SFUI which I think is a lot better for email.

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  • Vince P.Vince P., over 6 years ago

    Is it better than Airmail? I kinda love it, but the search is really slow. Is spark better?

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    • Jon MyersJon Myers, over 6 years ago

      I love Airmail as well, but it's too slow, which is my frustration as well.

      I downloaded Spark at am giving it a try. Seems to be faster.

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    • Account deleted over 6 years ago

      Also interested to know. I moved away from Spark (to Airmail) when it was only available on iOS. Now considering if I should switch back.

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    • Florian GrauFlorian Grau, over 6 years ago

      For me it's not so much the slow search but HOW search works in Airmail. It worked fine in v2 (with the well known dropdowns and bubbles in the search field), but they completely revamped it in v3 and now I have no idea how to find stuff anymore.

      That's why I switched to Spark, search works as expected.

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  • Or Arbel, over 6 years ago

    How is Spark versus Polymail? Anyone tried both?

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    • Jonathan Simcoe, over 6 years ago

      Spark blows Polymail out of the water. I've used both. WAY better. It really does feel very close to Sparrow in experience, execution, and polish.

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      • Or Arbel, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

        In that case I better try it out!

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      • Jason Giglio, over 6 years ago

        How about versus Nylas?

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        • Jonathan Simcoe, over 6 years ago

          Nylas runs on Electron and is SLOW. Spark is native and snappy. Also I would highly recommend trying to get into the beta of Superhuman. It blows all of these options out of the water by far and is web-based and fast as all get out.

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          • Jason Giglio, over 6 years ago (edited over 6 years ago )

            Yeah, I signed up for a Superhuman invite in the spring I think. It really does look promising. I'll take a look at Spark until it comes through! Thanks!

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          • Gichu Wil, almost 6 years ago

            Haven't tried Superhuman, but having installed Polymail and Spark, i am starting to lean over to Spark.

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