• Aubrey JohnsonAubrey Johnson, over 6 years ago

    I'm assuming this is posted because the site doesn't have some fancy aesthetic or Circular font with some neon garbage and the fonts all sideways or whatever.

    It doesn't have that because their actual marketing site is here: https://www.google.com/finance?q=NYSE:BRK.A depicting their $237,000 per share stock that performs like a powerhouse.

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    • Andreas Ubbe Dall, over 6 years ago

      Just as a side note, mentioning the per share price doesn't really mean that much - it's just a function of the amount of issued shares. Apple shares are "only" at around $100, and they have a market cap that is $200,000,000,000 higher.

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      • Zach HubbardZach Hubbard, over 6 years ago

        Plus, Berkshire Hathaway has more affordable shares ($BRK.B) at $156 a share....

        It's just an ego thing to have the $230k shares.

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  • Ken Em, over 6 years ago

    Nothing wrong with this at all. It provides information clearly and simply, which is what a website should do. This concept is lost on much of today's "design".

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  • Adam RasheedAdam Rasheed, over 6 years ago

    Brilliantly reflects the frugal philosophy of the company.

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  • Jonathan ShariatJonathan Shariat, over 6 years ago

    My favorite part is:

    If you have any comments about our WEB page, you can write us at the address shown above. However, due to the limited number of personnel in our corporate office, we are unable to provide a direct response.

    It says: Yes we know our webpage is spartan, if you want to comment about it, send physical mail to our hq which is equally as frugal.

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  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, over 6 years ago

    honestly, this is more website than they need.

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  • Richard Kaya, almost 5 years ago

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  • Randall MorrisRandall Morris, over 6 years ago

    My Favorite Part : They sell Ad-Space to Geico on it. (at least on my screen).

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  • Ray SensebachRay Sensebach, over 6 years ago

    OG responsive web design

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  • Mike MulveyMike Mulvey, over 6 years ago

    This site has remained unchanged since it was built in the 90s.

    View the source code for the real kicker. Original HTML, tables and all. ;-)

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