• Ryan MurphyRyan Murphy, 10 years ago

    You realise the flaw in the economics of this, when someone is offering a better service for free. Why would someone pay $35, $25 or even $5 when they can get it for free.


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    • John FlynnJohn Flynn, 10 years ago

      This is different. UIFaces doesn't expressly license you these images and likenesses for free and clear use in your work. To some people and/or projects, that matters.

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  • Ryan -Ryan -, 10 years ago

    You'd be a sucker to buy these.

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  • Benjamin GageBenjamin Gage, 10 years ago

    I just keep a folder on my computer of friends, coworkers, celebs for this reason. I can't believe someone is charging for this.

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  • Falko JosephFalko Joseph, 10 years ago

    Haha, ballin'

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