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    Today we are joined by Rizwan Javaid, a member of The Side Project Accelerator. Rizwan is a UX designer who is passionate about transforming ideas into engaging and profitable digital solutions. He is based out of California and works on a variety of projects both for mobile and web. Rizwan is also a blogger and international speaker, who pushes his boundaries to reach new audiences and inspire them to release their creativity. He started speaking about sketching, as he found it helped him in a variety of ways, and now has several talks and a brand focused on the power of sketching.

    This episode is perfect for the aspiring speakers out there. Hear it straight from Rizwan on how he overcome and transformed his weakness into a strength and how he built his confidence as a speaker.

    Hope you guys enjoy and be motivated like me!

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    • Sagi ShrieberSagi Shrieber, almost 7 years ago

      In this call we also talked to Rizwan about his struggles right now and tried to provide some advice and ideas. Was a great talk!

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