• Andu PotoracAndu Potorac, almost 7 years ago

    Since they have been bought by Facebook, they have been messing around with their API and breaking a lot of developer integrations. As Facebook did with Parse, and will probably do with other apps as well.

    So they launched this for Instagram, getting inspiration from similar products out there. I wonder if they plan to cut those off as well..

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    • Ethan BondEthan Bond, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

      Wait, you don't see how this fits into their more "open and connected world?" Huh...

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  • Joel Cook, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

    I remember seeing a product called "Fashion Tap" on Shark Tank a while back showing this concept. I really liked the idea and figured that it was something that instagram would probably roll out in the future.

    short clip from the episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IBEhtVYl5c

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  • Will DeeWill Dee, almost 7 years ago
    1. What prototyping app do they use over at Instagram?
    2. How would content be affected by the ability to tag sellable products? I.e. would content producers swap out what would have been imaginative/creative posts in return for posts that can be tagged by products they sell?
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  • Kaan Eryilmaz, almost 7 years ago

    This is a perfect tool for our "consumer society". First Instagram opened a door for us to share our visual worlds, which was interesting since the content allowed us to connect with each other. However I see this as a connection to the business world that is mainly ruled by money not imagination. It will create an amazing source of income for Facebook but they should also think about tools for us to share our imagination, our world, our feelings as well. Stories was a tool that did that but it was a copy cat of other tools. Instagram simply harvested the potential of it's community to migrate new users. I would love to see Instagram build a tool for us to share our feelings in different ways.

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  • Scott Burns, almost 7 years ago

    I quite like the idea of this, I've bought a couple of prints by artists that I've found on instagram, so being able to do that within the app would be better than having to bounce out to a website on safari to look for what I'm after.

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  • Renee PRenee P, almost 7 years ago

    What happens when you're bought out by Facebook :/

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