• Matthew BlodeMatthew Blode, 7 years ago

    Primarily inbox.google.com but also sometimes Mail.app. Inbox is super simple and works super well in the browser and on my phone.

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  • Artem Nosenko, 7 years ago

    Mail app on macOS and iOS

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  • Ahmet SulekAhmet Sulek, 7 years ago

    Still using Sparrow.

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  • Lucian .esLucian .es, 7 years ago

    Airmail! Both iOS and MacOS

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  • Andric ThamAndric Tham, 7 years ago

    I use Polymail, it combines the best of Mailbox for iOS (which I still dearly miss) and Nylas. It even has some of Nylas’s features like schedule sending, read receipts, pretty attachments. The only thing that it lacks is the ability to flag/star emails, and the way it handles lists is really primitive.

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    • Dominic SebastianDominic Sebastian, 7 years ago

      I was using it for a while, but for me it handled long image heavy emails terribly (like newsletters etc) so I switched to Airmal - have you had any problems with it?

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    • Alexander RadsbyAlexander Radsby, 7 years ago

      +1 for Polymail. Best I've found so far. Works perfect for me, even heavy e-mails.

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    • Ross MerrittRoss Merritt, 7 years ago

      Same here. Love Polymail, especially the read receipts and clean layout.

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    • Espen Getz HarstadEspen Getz Harstad, 7 years ago

      +1. Some occasional issues, but overall a very good client.

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    • Alex Robertson-Brown, 7 years ago

      Not heard of it before, but actually love it now :)

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    • Ariel VerberAriel Verber, 7 years ago

      does it support multiple gmail accounts? meaning - can i use it to read, and write, from 3 different accounts without delays?

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      • Andric ThamAndric Tham, 7 years ago

        Yeah you can. I linked up 6 Gmail accounts to mine, all loading with no problem. They also sync to one master account so you get the same experience wherever you use it, which Outlook doesn’t seem to do.

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    • Todd Padwick, 7 years ago

      I want to like polymail as I think its features are great and it looks great. but Its really slow. also ive tried everything but I cant seem to download any inline images. has anyone figured out how to fix this problem? also their settings is very basic and glitchy, and their support is useless.

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  • Nathan HueningNathan Huening, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

    Good ol' Mail.app. Lately, I've tried:

    • Unibox
    • Airmail
    • Polymail
    • Postbox

    And I'm on the Superhuman beta wait list. But I keep coming back to (and mostly love) Mail.app because:

    • I don't want "smart" inbox management. I want the dumbest, fastest, most flexible possible app
    • I can map keyboard shortcuts to the folders I use most
    • UI aesthetic is boring, but stable, traditional, and frankly still quite pleasing
    • Supports everything (POP, IMAP, Google, Exchange, etc.)
    • Easy to set up & use
    • Filtering / rules
    • macOS system integration

    Honestly, if I had better typographic control over display, I'd have virtually no complaints. Email is mostly / primarily a text reading task, and yet I have less control than the Notes.app. The fact that I can't increase the size of the text in the central source column is criminal.

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  • Luis da SilvaLuis da Silva, 7 years ago


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  • Richard SisonRichard Sison, 7 years ago

    I use Postbox. Been a supporter for a long time. It doesn't have a lot of the newer features like snoozing etc, but it's a fairly solid option if you're just used to basic Gmail features.

    Airmail's also good, but I just feel Postbox is more polished.

    When Spark comes out for Mac though… I'll probably be an instant convert.

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    • ポール ウェッブポール ウェッブ, 7 years ago

      I like Postbox a lot, used it years ago when I was on Windows. Just recently (within the last 2 months) switched back to Postbox on Mac from Airmail. I hate that Airmail (and Spark) creates IMAP folders for their features. I like having a pristine inbox.

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  • Matt HelbigMatt Helbig, 7 years ago

    Mail.app on the Mac. Can't miss out on any progressive WebKit supported enhancements. #emailgeeks

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  • Jonathan SimcoeJonathan Simcoe, 7 years ago

    Superhuman: https://superhuman.com/. It's the best!

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  • Daniel GoldenDaniel Golden, 7 years ago

    Nylas N1

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  • Namor VotilavNamor Votilav, 7 years ago

    Why would they put checkboxes for the single choice? Just why?

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  • Nemanja NenadicNemanja Nenadic, 7 years ago

    Mail.app cus no other client has Rules.

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  • Alaik FAlaik F, 7 years ago

    I use wmail for full google inbox wrapper and Mia for Gmail for quick gmail menubar notifier

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  • Sabih MirSabih Mir, 7 years ago

    Tried Nylas, then Polymail, and now currently using CloudMagic/Newton. On the fence about upgrading for $50/yr but of those 3 it's the one I feel the best about. Using it for a mix of Exchange + Gmail accounts.


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  • Ben SilvaBen Silva, 7 years ago

    Mail app. Still missing Sparrow app though.

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  • Stefan TrkuljaStefan Trkulja, 7 years ago

    Airmail. Best of the bunch, but still too clunky.

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  • Kian LaviKian Lavi, 7 years ago

    Still miss Sparrow and Mailbox, but inbox.google.com has become my default. It's become too much of a mental barrier to use different apps on different platforms, and Inbox is stupid simple across iOS/Web

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  • Alex Robertson-Brown, 7 years ago

    I found this interesting one a while a go - Plain

    Has a super minimal ui, purely focused on clearing an overflowing inbox. Wouldn't use it day to day, but it is interesting concept.

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  • Andy LeverenzAndy Leverenz, 7 years ago

    I've tried them all. Airmail seems to work the best for me. I have quite a few emails so it handles multiple accounts nicely. I also prefer markdown when writing so that's a nice perk.

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  • Ktrn DsrsKtrn Dsrs, 7 years ago

    Polymail seems to be the only one that support Gmail Label. That makes it my first choice for now.

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  • James Young, 7 years ago

    Outlook on my Surface.

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  • Tom CTom C, 7 years ago

    I use Franz to act as a "standalone app" substitute for Google Inbox, so that I don't have to keep the tab in the browser. It's electron-based app and it works very well (plus I utilize it for Whatsapp/Messenger as well).

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  • alex loghinalex loghin, 7 years ago

    After trying a couple, eM Client (win) it's the right one for me. It's simple and has a modern interface,

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  • Ivan BjelajacIvan Bjelajac, 7 years ago

    Gmail on desktop. Inbox on mobile.

    Sparrow R.I.P. </3

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  • Dominic SebastianDominic Sebastian, 7 years ago

    I was using Polymail after Mailbox died (weeps uncontrollably) but it couldn't handle long, media heavy emails, so switched to Airmail. Thinking was paying them makes them less likely to go away. It's been alright, but can actually be kinda slow (like undo actions etc)

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  • Yitong ZhangYitong Zhang, 7 years ago

    Gmail webapp unfortunately. I did sales in a previous lifetime and cannot for the life of me quit all the gmail plugins I used. Specifically:

    • Streak: CRM, schedule send later, snooze, read and link click receipt
    • YAMM: mail merge
    • Rapportive: recipient's linkedin on the sidebar

    Nylas looks like it's going to meet my needs soon, but the app is just slows my old MacBook air down too much.

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