A social media management tool for embedding posts on an external website?

almost 7 years ago from , AD

There's plenty of social media management tools out there, like Hootsuite or Everypost for example. One post goes to several networks at once.

I've tried looking for a tool that would let you use the things you post to your own site as well (through an embed, script or RSS feed) but I can't seem to find any.

These tools seem quite handy since most of them have a mobile app for posting on the go. In this case I would be interested in posting to a LinkedIn company page and LinkedIn doesn't have any plugins or allow API access for fetching those posts to an external website.

Does anyone know a tool for this or is there some other way of solving this? Here's what I would like to accomplish in a nutshell: 1. Post an update (preferably in some mobile fashion) to a LinkedIn company page 2. Have the same post show up on an external website.


  • Zak ErvingZak Erving, almost 7 years ago

    I ran into this problem a while ago, and the best I could come up with was to use a Tumblr site (yes, I know) with custom CSS to "un-Tumblrify" it. At the time I was only interested in publishing from my Instagram feed, so I set it up to push new Instagram posts to Tumblr. Like Jakob's solution, it wasn't ideal (and certainly limited the scope of the website), but it worked in a pinch.

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  • , almost 7 years ago

    My best solution so far is posting to LinkedIn & Twitter with Hootsuite. Then embedding the content on my site from Twitter but actually linking the embed to LinkedIn since you can do pretty much anything with Twitter embeds. Far from optimal but hey, it's sorta working.

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