• Juan F. MenaJuan F. Mena, almost 7 years ago

    Well, I'm a bit underwhelmed. They're saying the touch bar is revolutionary... but did you see Microsoft's event? Any Surface device could easily put a "touch bar" in its touch screen. No finger print reader, but that's it.

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    • Connor NorvellConnor Norvell, almost 7 years ago

      agreed fully. I am stuck in limbo, I need a new laptop, but the MBP isn't enough of an upgrade to justify the $3200 I would need to spend on it.

      But I don't like any other laptops personally (longevity and software).

      So, this sucks. But I'll probably end up getting a MBP. lenny face

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      • Falko JosephFalko Joseph, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

        Not sure why you think it sucks. It probably means the Macbook just is a nice computer. It did kind of reach it's peak in terms of yearly innovation, but that doesn't mean it's a bad laptop. It's just that at this point it can't get much better every year at the same pace. :)

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  • Mariusz OstrowskiMariusz Ostrowski, almost 7 years ago

    Try to connect your brand new shiny iPhone 7 to your brand new shiny MacBook Pro without an adapter...

    Yes, you need brand new shiny $19 Apple USB-C to USB adapter

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    • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

      no thanks. just got a Google Pixel, i'm good.

      but seriously. is there a reason why iPhones use Lightning instead of Thunderbolt? or is that a dumb question?

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    • Brian A.Brian A., almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

      The adapter is actually $25.

      I'm not in the market for a new MBP—nor will I be for quite a while—but the adapter/port situation pisses me off way more than it should. Moving to a new standard doesn't bother me; what does is that despite knowing that it will cause friction, Apple deliberately didn't include the one adapter that's necessary to interface with their older hardware. Paying upwards of $2,000 for a professional-grade laptop and not getting one cheap, simple adapter is incredibly insulting.

      Someone over at /r/apple put it pretty well:

      If you wanted to use your brand new $2000+ Macbook Pro to charge your brand new $700+ iPhone 7 on the go, or maybe wanted to restore it or just have wired syncing...you can't do it out of the box. After spending all that money, Apple expects you to purchase an additional adapter to simply connect two of its latest products. Despite the progression in generations, there seems to be a regression with simplicity. There's now an additional step and cost to simply plugging in your phone to your laptop

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      • Casey BrittCasey Britt, almost 7 years ago

        I agree it is annoying, but this is a single rev problem most likely. Next iPhone will probably come with a USB-C cord for charging that has a little adapter on the end to make it USB-A.

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    • Emily SaforrianEmily Saforrian, almost 7 years ago

      That's totally true. That said, I can't remember the last time I needed to plug my phone in other than to charge. It's obnoxious (in theory) but nothing that gets in the way of my day.

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  • Jansen Tolle, almost 7 years ago

    This is a massive letdown. I'll be holding onto my late 2013 model for another year or two it seems.

    No options for more than 16gb ram Slightly faster processor Meh video

    Absolutely 0 reason to upgrade here.

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  • Aubrey JohnsonAubrey Johnson, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

    This was (as others mentioned) a pretty frustrating update to see released,

    1. because the Surface Studio (along with the other surface devices) and their display of its capabilities was very futuristic, exciting and relevant to creators. I think we all were holding our breath for something we didn't already see leaked out on 9to5 Mac or Macrumors. Which didn't really happen.

    2. due to the amount of time since this device has had a significant update (literally years), showing a trivial spec bump* and a tool that seems trivial (especially vs just using the precise input controller (mouse) or shortcuts) is really boring.

    But! but, The thing that makes me most concerned is the sentiment here, on Reddit and on Twitter that creatives are just going to wait / not buy / go to m$ instead. Seems to possibly seal the fate of this device if no one buys it > Apple won't be able to justify the R&D costs > device continues to lack updates and you can see how this spirals down.

    If Apple wanted out of the desktop/laptop game they may have found their way now, intentionally or not. For all of the talk about how important these devices are to Apple, to retain the same RAM as the device released in 2011 is really throwing shade to pro users IMO.

    This is all just my opinion, of course, but really wish that the release today was even slightly thrilling.

    *trivial spec bump =

    • 6th Gen Processors that came out a year and two months ago
    • Max RAM capabilities that existed in 2011
    • SSD sizes that are the same as a cell phone
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    • Connor NorvellConnor Norvell, almost 7 years ago

      I am in full agreement. Apple seems to think that users want 1 revolutionary(ish) (touchbar) feature, and thats enough to justify $3k or more on a computer.

      But all I wanted was 32gb ram, a GPU comparable to non-apple laptops, 1tb ssd, and a 3ghz processor. Other laptops can do it, but apple couldn't pull through. Or they saw no reason to.

      This is not a pro laptop, its very much for consumers who use imovie or final cut pro for light editing.

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    • Connor Tomas O'BrienConnor Tomas O'Brien, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

      Honestly, it's a Godsend that Microsoft launched their new Surface devices just before Apple's event. Without them on the market, I could see creatives on older Macs just holding out for another few years (giving more credence to the suggestion that people just aren't interested in desktops/laptops anymore). The Surfaces, though, represent real competition – and I can see that translating into Apple ramping up Mac R&D instead of ramping it down.

      The real issue, though, is that Apple are locked into 4-5 year design revisions for the MBPs. It's tough to see them responding to the Surfaces in any significant way for a couple of years, at least. I also think Apple have really hamstrung themselves in terms of trying to avoid Mac sales cannibalising iPad sales... and I think that's a hole that it's going to take them half a decade to dig themselves out of.

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  • Pedro PintoPedro Pinto, almost 7 years ago

    This was somewhat disappointing, especially compared with the Surface Studio announced yesterday.

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  • Norm Sheeran, almost 7 years ago

    As a Mac app dev, I can't wait to start intergrating the touch bar into my apps. Really cool addition!

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  • Bruno AbattiBruno Abatti, almost 7 years ago

    MacBook. Pro?

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  • Tom WoodTom Wood, almost 7 years ago

    After a fairly lacklustre iPhone upgrade to the 7 (and it's less than stellar reception), I don't think I could feel more underwhelmed by the new MacBook Pro.

    Only time will tell if the Touch Bar is a success, but my initial impressions make me think gimmick — the early reviews on the Verge suggest that the Touch Bar is ace because, well y'know, you can quickly press a button on the Touch Bar to reply to your email, or even reply-all. Lord knows that would shave a good 0.3 of a second off holding cmd-R, or cmd-shift-R.

    And don't even get me started on the removal of the Pause/Play and Volume keys, possibly my most used function keys.

    The overall impression I am left with is of an inconsistent ecosystem. Apple have been famed for their incredible vision with an almost unbelievable track record, and tying all their products together in a coherent manner which made everything effortless.

    And now?

    We have dongles, and more dongles. We have a Touch Bar which realistically won't change your work-life. We have headphones without a jack, which don't actually connect to a MacBook Pro released a month later (this in itself is totally mind blowing to me). We have an iPhone/iPad, MacBooks, MacBook Pros and a Watch that all feel like they were made by teams in silos. They have different cables, different ways of interacting, different approaches to software design and all include "features" which feel like they were added for adding-sake.

    Now look over at Microsoft. Look at their Surface range. Inspired by Apple, but crucially, pushing boundaries whilst following a single vision.

    I adore Apple, but it's becoming impossible to ignore that their direction is muddled.

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    • Powers Gray, almost 7 years ago

      "We have headphones without a jack, which don't actually connect to a MacBook Pro released a month later (this in itself is totally mind blowing to me)."

      I hadn't thought about this. This is completely crazy, especially for a company who claims "music is at the core of our DNA. It deeply inspires and moves us."

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  • Pete G.B, almost 7 years ago

    I guess this is the beginning of the decline.

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  • Vlad Micliuc, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

    We had everything from the leaked content.

    Even less, I was kind of expecting apple pen support on that bigger touchpad.

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  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, almost 7 years ago

    $400 price jump at all levels.

    i wonder what's the justification for the increase in base, non-touchbar model.

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  • Jordan Simpson, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

    Though I think the Touch Bar is an interesting addition I can't help but feel underwhelmed by it all.

    One issue being that as a Developer/Designer that utilises a secondary monitor with my MacBook on a stand while using a wireless keyboard I fail to see how I would benefit from the new addition.

    The second issue being the price of course. I just don't feel that I can happily pay such a premium for this Apple product like I have in the past when I don't feel the product is worth it, which is frustrating when I held out for a new MBP to then be priced out by a underwhelming upgrade that I don't feel I'd benefit from.

    I can only hope that they release a new wireless keyboard with a Touch Bar included.

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  • Gabriel BrodersenGabriel Brodersen, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

    Speaking of "accessibility" the price on this new 15" MacbookPro is not accessible to me right now :(

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  • Mike AbbotMike Abbot, almost 7 years ago

    I think Apple should just ditch the PRO label. The whole thinking behind products changed for them and is now just for regular consumers. Funny how now MS is doing what Apple should. What I really dislike is that you need a shitload of cables/hubs just to be able to use your current gear. A hub to connect USB 3 stuff & SD cards, a cable to be able to use iPhone 7 headphones, a new cable for connecting my external displays...If it wasn't for Sketch and Logic pro X, I would change asap.

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  • Peiran TanPeiran Tan, almost 7 years ago

    Imma wait until a lot of things are USB-C compatible.

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  • Asher SimondsAsher Simonds, almost 7 years ago

    Overall definitely underwhelming considering this was iterative vs. Microsoft's attack against the normal all-in-one.

    I do see everyone's comments around the ports and it does suck for ecosystem users that now have a disconnect (literally) between using their earpods with their iPhone and Mac, but I reaaaally love that Apple is embracing USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 as the standard. We need to get off the antiquated USB-A stuff and enjoy the one port to rule them all.

    Touch bar is cool but the argument is view & work vs view/work from a screen use perspective. It comes down to what feels more natural to you.

    I love my 12in Macbook for its 2lb, toss-in-the-bag profile. It can cover everything short of heavy motion/video work. If a docked MBP is your normal setup, I'd seriously consider your options.

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    • Chris Nordqvist, almost 7 years ago

      +1 for the 12".

      Got the m7 a couple of weeks back, haven't noticed anything it can't do (of my dev work) that my old 2012 quad-i7 could yet, and the portability is a game changer.

      Hopefully USB-C/TB3 accessories will drop in price a bit now that all the apple notebooks use it, good times.

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  • Gabriel AnghelGabriel Anghel, almost 7 years ago

    I'm curios of one thing about the TrackPad, being so large will it not get accidental touches from your hands while typing?

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  • Laurens SpangenbergLaurens Spangenberg, almost 7 years ago

    The "Macs cost at least $2000/3000" joke/exaggeration literally stopped being a joke. As a university student I'm severely disappointment. The salt on the wound is also them still selling last year's model for the same price. (Scroll down in the "Buy" page.)

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  • Gavin McFarlandGavin McFarland, almost 7 years ago

    Goodbye MagSafe :(

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  • JJ VerhineJJ Verhine, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

    Adapters suck, but staying up to date on new ports feels like the cost of doing business. To take the long plug that used to come in the box and take it out of the box and beat me with it until I come off another twenty. Unforgivable

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  • Rolando MurilloRolando Murillo, almost 7 years ago

    I'm actually excited with this update. I won't upgrade yet (probably next generation). But I'm sure they'll make an update to Magic Keyboard so you can try out the touch bar and use laptop with a separate monitor without losing that experience (which I will probably buy once available).

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  • Adam RasheedAdam Rasheed, almost 7 years ago

    I'm really happy with my 2015 15" MBPr now :) Maybe in two years I'll look into this. In the meantime, I'm finally getting an external monitor for it

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