• Matt T, almost 7 years ago

    I really don't understand the thinking behind this execution for a portfolio page of an interactive designer. If you're trying to show off your skills and thinking there are just too many inexcusable mistakes IMO. There is a massive sacrifice of usability at the hands of being "cool". It feels over designed and over animated.

    Starting the site with a message of how to navigate the site because it is in no way intuitive... The preview images of the projects are way too small that they are almost an after thought. I'm just messing around with that rollover effects and not paying attention to anything else. The work links get totally lost with that rollover effect. There's a lack of hierarchy that would point me to any CTA like "view this project" or "Get in Touch". I almost feel like the whole point of the site for that background rollover effect.

    Love the creativity here, but it feels like an experiment rather than a portfolio.

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    • Mike MaiMike Mai, almost 7 years ago

      Why can't portfolios be experimental? Please "don't mistake legibility with communication." A portfolio is an artistic expression of the artist, it does not necessarily need to abide to modern standards on usability. He is an "interactive designer that writes code", and this portfolio effectively demonstrates what he is.

      Are potential clients looking at this gonna love it or hate it? Well, the ones who love it will probably be the ones he would actually consider working with. At his level, he is not applying for jobs, it's the other way around.

      A website for everyone is a website for no one. When it comes to your own portfolio, you shall express yourself freely and let your personality shine through. This guy probably understands UX and usability better than the average designer, I mean, come on, his client list includes consumer brands like Nike, Ray-ban and Jaguar. It's perfectly fine he chooses to break all the rules for his portfolio. Why? Because "design 101": you can break the rules if you know all the rules.

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  • Katarina RdultovskaiaKatarina Rdultovskaia, almost 7 years ago

    This feels more like an art piece than a portfolio. Your work needs to be front and center, but it gets lost in the overuse of animation and strange navigation decisions.

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  • Jason LiJason Li, almost 7 years ago

    Same as what others said. I have no idea what's going on but its beautiful.

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  • Rick KhannaRick Khanna, almost 7 years ago

    Might be good for showing off. Might not be good for getting a job. Managers aren't going to spend the time to figure this out. Just show the work.

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  • Joe Baker, almost 7 years ago

    Took longer than i'd like to be able to wrap my mind around the navigation...

    but damn, this site is beautiful.

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  • Rob Young, almost 7 years ago

    Interesting experiment. Not sure what the goal of the portfolio is, but I'm assuming at least in part it's meant to entice potential employers. So as someone actively looking to hire a UX Designer, I can say that this fails at that goal. Maybe I'm too traditional and/or old, but I don't want to have to learn how to use a website just to see if someone is capable.

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  • Ryan RushingRyan Rushing, almost 7 years ago

    I ain't even mad about the scroll hijacking. Really nice work.

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  • Alexis Morin, almost 7 years ago

    Sorry, but I can't get your site to show anything. On a MacBook, using a mouse.

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  • Tim SilvaTim Silva, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

    The visuals and interactions are really impressive! I do agree with Joe that the navigation was a bit unclear at first. I still don't fully understand it to be honest. *Edit: A few minutes later. Oh I see! The landing page is a slideshow between the selected projects, and you can see the list of selected projects by scrolling down or dragged to the left.

    I think part of the challenge is that I don't know what to click on. I didn't know that the -a- link in the top-right corner would take me to the about page. Adding alt/title attributes to that element would be a subtle way to give a helpful hint. Might as well add them all over.

    Overall, I just wish I had those dev skills. :)

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  • Bugsy SailorBugsy Sailor, almost 7 years ago

    I don't know how to use this. Maybe I'm just not smart.

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  • Joe Crupi, almost 7 years ago


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  • Mitch De CastroMitch De Castro, almost 7 years ago

    Really digging the more experimental sites popping up on here!

    I feel bad for folks on here who were expecting the site to hold their hands for them.

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    • Todd SielingTodd Sieling, almost 7 years ago

      If only it were that simple. What's the job of a portfolio site? Is it to be challenging to figure out how to get to the work? Is it to get a person to the work as quickly and simply as possible? A site can do the job it needs to while still being experimental and inspiring and beautiful, but if it sacrifices the core function in exchange, then it's not working. Finding the harmony in all these things is where design gets truly interesting, not in how unfamiliar it makes you feel.

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      • Mitch De CastroMitch De Castro, almost 7 years ago

        Perhaps being challenging to interact with is part of being experimental? Or maybe the designer isn't actively looking for work, hence this approach? And even if they are, maybe they're trying to target a specific kind of client that likes this kind of work?

        I don't think the site is even failing at it's core functionality. I can still scroll, the links work, there are hover states, and I'm even given instructions from the very start.

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  • Chus MargalloChus Margallo, almost 7 years ago

    impressive. The background transitions may be bit too overwhelming but the site looks great in general

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