Golden ratio calculator

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For years I used the golden ratio calculator by Elliot Waite while designing websites. Unfortunately the site is down now, so I decided to code my own: tomasbeseda.github.io/golden-ratio-calculator/.

I'll be glad for the feedback or improvement tips in the comments below. Thanks


  • Jacky S, almost 7 years ago

    Cool project! The golden ratio isn't actually all that helpful though.

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    • Daniel ColeDaniel Cole, almost 7 years ago

      I'm not sure this article provides a lot of proof to your point. The author shows images with the stereotypical 'golden ratio' overlay, declares them 'FAKE!', and then finds a few designers who don't use it.

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    • Zak ErvingZak Erving, almost 7 years ago (edited almost 7 years ago )

      The golden ratio, like many ratios, is useful; the mistake is in thinking that it's a "silver bullet," to borrow from the author.

      And as long as we're referencing our sources, here's mine: https://goo.gl/ssPNyQ

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  • Cody IddingsCody Iddings, almost 7 years ago

    This is great! I recommend offering all types of ratios (Like type-scale) instead of just the Golden Ratio.

    The Golden Ratio is GREAT to design for marketing sites and where space isn't as important but for product design, smaller ratios are needed because of the lack of space. So stoked to see other designers thinking about this stuff though.

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  • alex james, almost 7 years ago

    Nice thanks for sharing. Have you seen this presentation? Really made me think – "Why aren't I doing more with my designs???" https://vimeo.com/181110882

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  • Tudor Barbu, almost 7 years ago

    Good stuff :)

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  • Joann Weitervoh, almost 7 years ago


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  • Slavo Glinsky, almost 7 years ago

    People do not think about golden ratio as some magic form for your designs. It is only ratio an it may guide you to better results...

    Anways, cool tool :)

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  • Joe Blau, almost 7 years ago

    Interesting. I the golden ratio to design a logo for Context:


    I also wrote abut it here, but I'm not sure if it actually made the symbol better or not. I just like the Fibonacci series.

    Also your calculation seems to have a ton of rounding error. When I type in 5 as my base with an iteration of 5 I get:

    • Increasing
    • 8.09
    • 13.08962
    • 21.179005160000003
    • 34.267630348880004
    • 55.44502590448785
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  • James Young, almost 7 years ago

    I'd be interested to see some sites designed using the ratio to see if they actually look any different to a normal site.

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