What's new: Updated UI, Realtime, Comment Upvoting

over 10 years ago from , Founder at LayerVault

After getting the new LayerVault.com out the door last week, we finally had some time this weekend to work on DN. You've probably already noticed most of the changes, but here's a list of what we changed:

  • An updated story page. Bigger text for discussion posts, more contrast, and an updated layout to better support the thoughtful comments that people are posting.

  • Comment upvoting. Show your love by upvoting a comment. Just click the upvote count.

  • Realtime! Live updating of vote and comment counts on the front page and recent stories page. We've also added a "new stories" badge that tells you how many things have been added to the front page since your last refresh.

  • Updated header. We wanted to add your karma count to the header, and then ended up updating the rest of the header links to stay consistent. This is my least favorite update, since it addresses some of the criticism from Hacker News :)