Ask DN: Fine-Liner Pens

over 6 years ago from , Senior UX Designer at realestate.com.au

Seriously though, I spend half my salary on fine-liners of various kinds and Im never impressed, never satisfied.

Currently rolling with a Copic MULTILINER SP 0.2mm

The nib is running out, going blunt before the first ink cartridge is.

I've used Artlines, Pigma Microns, but Im never satisfied.

Im just a regular guy who wants a straight clean reliable 0.2mm line for days.

Should I use the fine-liner you use?

PLEASE share your tips, stories and fave fine-liners to ease my pain, designers!


  • David França, over 6 years ago

    Have you tried Ohto Graphic Liners? They have a rollerball tip, so pretty good for heavy hands. Their smaller size is a 0.3 equivalent.

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  • David Holman, over 6 years ago

    I've landed on Copics. The nibs have held up very well for me, but they are replaceable when the time finally comes: https://amzn.com/B000TVXY94

    Any chance you just have a heavy hand? I used Pigma Microns for years as well and they held up. 0.2mm is a delicate little piece of fiber and does require some care to keep in good shape.

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