I won't be upgrading to iPhone 7. And I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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I have an iPhone 6, which is in great condition and I just don't see any benefit in upgrading.

I can't seem to put my finger on why. It's either I'm getting older and don't care, or apple have simply lost that excitement they once delivered with new products.

Pretty sure I won't be the only person feeling this way?


  • Pasquale D'SilvaPasquale D'Silva, over 7 years ago

    I think it's courage.

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  • Dan GDan G, over 7 years ago

    Designer News.

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    • Dirk HCM van BoxtelDirk HCM van Boxtel, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

      Hehehe, you're not wrong. But ...


      Anyway, fun discussion regardless and I see how it's related to UX so I personally don't mind :]

      .edit: full disclosure - Nexus 5.

      .edit²: "Ask DN" would've made this thread more appropriate actually.

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    • Thomas Rawcliffe, over 7 years ago

      With this being on designer news, I'm writing this from a design perspective... apologies if that was unclear.

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    • John PJohn P, over 7 years ago

      Love how all the "designers should write" ideology has brought to the table is think pieces about what gadgets they're buying or not buying.

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    • Philip AmourPhilip Amour, over 7 years ago

      So True

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  • A Paul, over 7 years ago

    What else are you planning on not buying? Clearly we need to know!

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  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, over 7 years ago

    i've been seeing a lot of people expressing similar sentiments. what strikes me is that people genuinely feel obligated to buy every single product Apple releases, and even express guilt if they don't. if you're happy with your phone and see no benefit in buying a new one, don't worry, the sensation you're feeling is rationality.

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  • JC .JC ., over 7 years ago

    I will be upgrading to iPhone 7. And I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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  • Johnny Fiive, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    I am pretty impressed with the phone to be fair, what did you want exactly? Apple worked really hard to improve an already great product, sure not many breakthroughs but a lot of stuff improved in every way. If every iPhone keeps improving like this every year think of where we will go...

    Better camera.. Better screen ... Better performance... Better battery life.. Improved durability (waterproofing and home button) Improved darker colour choices, Improved wireless headphones, Improved speakers (2x louder and stereo), Improved Taptic feedback. Improved iOS with better notifications, 3D Touch features, ability to remove stock apps, notification centre etc

    I am pretty happy tbh. I am not on upgrade cycle but with all the other updates that come next year I look forward to the 7s greatly.

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    • Adam RasheedAdam Rasheed, over 7 years ago

      That's the thing. It's already expected that every new camera that comes out will have a better camera, a better processor, a better screen, a better whatever, and maybe even some new gimmicky thing that may become industry standard.

      Apple has a reputation of being revolutionary, and I don't thing anyone sees the last few updates to their product line as revolutionary, but simply as better iterations of past products.

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      • evan kosowski, over 7 years ago

        While every product isnt, and shouldnt have to be "revolutionary" I think killing an audio jack and creating mini ear computers is pretty damn revolutionary. How do you get much more revolutionary than that?

        This article has some nice points on how a "slab of glass with everything we need" has pretty much been pushed to its limits and revolution is coming in the way of wireless computing beyond the phone with seamless integration. Althought I first hated the idea of ear plugs without a chord to keep everything physically connected, they truly are the beginning of a revolution, like it or not.


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      • Ryan Duffy, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

        Do you have any idea how many years Apple worked privately on those "revolutionary" products before you ever got to see them? You're now just seeing what happens year by year from constant iteration. Iteration is the very foundation that gives you revolutionary anything.

        Ignoring any competition for a moment... if they released the iPhone 4, then waited 4 years and released the 6 as is, you'd probably call most of the upgrades revolutionary. Retina screen, TouchID, insane camera, CPU, device thinness, etc. Impressive stuff.

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      • Johnny Fiive, over 7 years ago

        revolutionary?? Who cares.... if the product is better in every way and I am using that product a lot each day then having said product over previous product makes my life somewhat better and why wouldn't I choose that option.

        Revolutionary is irrelevant. Making something g the best it can be and constantly improving it every year is what matters. If they can do this like clock work every year then whoa... what amazing progress and Apple is still killing it in this aspect.

        And I am sure if they keep doing this every few years you will get that revolution and the rest of the time you will get solid steady but extremely valuable progress.

        Plus removing the headphone jack and decent wireless headphones is sure to cause a revolution, it's the biggest change we have seen in a long long time in this area.

        The iPhone 7 is a pretty awesome upgrade. Bigger than previous updates in terms of what Apple pulled off.

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  • Mikael StaerMikael Staer, over 7 years ago

    Found this on the front page. Sums it up perfectly. Apple seems to take a more long-term view on their products, rather than appealing to the masses with gimmicky new features and "innovations." It's the Lean approach: here is our blue-sky vision, how do we get there? What can we can do today that will allow us to get there?


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    • John PJohn P, over 7 years ago

      rather than appealing to the masses with gimmicky new features and "innovations."

      Has this guy not been at the last 3 years of Apple events… gimmicky new features passed off as innovation is EXACTLY what they're doing

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      • Jesse HeadJesse Head, over 7 years ago

        Compared to the rest of the industry, Apple's features are definitely not gimmicky. E.g. who the hell wants to scroll through content by moving their eyes? Samsung customers apparently...

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        • John PJohn P, over 7 years ago
          • live photos
          • a whole extra camera for an underwhelming zoom feature and a FAKED bokeh filter
          • 3D Touch

          These are all gimmicky as hell.

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          • Johnny Fiive, over 7 years ago

            The extra camera is not gimmicky at all.... it's extremely impressive. I hate large phones but am considering a plus just for this feature.

            And I use 3D Touch a fair amount and even more in iOS 10.

            It's great for using as a trackpad to move the cursor when editing text, setting a quick timer in control centre and I use it on my streaming app (deezer) to start shuffle mode rather than having to open the app and find it. Use it every day... certainly not a gimmick. Not massively used for sure but still very useful!

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  • Mikael StaerMikael Staer, over 7 years ago

    This is what people say every time Apple releases new products. Then they proceed to break every sales record ever.

    The other thing is, what more do you want? What did you expect? Part of it might be that the smartphone is pretty much defined, and there is not much more room for innovation. Instead, it becomes a game of remixes and feature add-ons. Like cars.

    Cars have remained the same for many many decades. The only difference is that each generation adds a bit more speed, space and extras like Bluetooth or digital consoles. But driving is still the same.

    Smartphones seem to be there now too: waterproof, wrap-around screens, two cameras, bigger, smaller, thinner, colours, etc etc - just variations of the same basic product.

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    • Tim Resudek, over 7 years ago

      I think you're a little off, especially when you compare phones to cars. Cars update design every 3-5 years in a way that they are generally very obviously a different generation. If Mercedes put out the same body structure but with slightly different interior options they'd lose their place in the market pretty quickly. They focus on industrial design and put out cars that lead auto design every generation. It IS possible to constantly push industrial design of products even if the underlying technology (a car, or a a phone) remains essentially the same.

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      • Stuart McCoyStuart McCoy, over 7 years ago

        Apparently you missed the iPhone 5. Look it up then look at the current phone design. I think you'll fond a distinct design change. The 8 will likely have a design change though it will probably not be as drastic as the 5 to 6 was.

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  • Account deleted over 7 years ago

    I will get it when my contract renews next year. Not because I'm craving it or anything, but it will be what's out. I will appreciate the water resistance though.

    I'd actually get the revamped one in the 5S body, but it is just a bit too low-tech. That form-factor though was my hands-down fave. Loved how I didn't need to have a case for it (the new ones are so damn slippery).

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  • Connor NorvellConnor Norvell, over 7 years ago

    I am updating from the 6+. But I am a photographer and the new camera looks amazing for quick shots without my DSLR. Otherwise, its nothing revolutionary and I still have no issue with my 6+

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    • BAKA .kidBAKA .kid, over 7 years ago

      This, I'm not a photographer, but I'm waiting to see if the camera is as good as it says it is. then, ditch my 6 and my iPad (aka netflix machine), get the 7 plus and its 1 device for both.

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  • barry saundersbarry saunders, over 7 years ago

    i've been using android for work and I cannot wait to go back. The interaction design in core android is just a straight-up garbage fire. Some of the apps are fine, and material design is neat design system, but after 6 months I'm done.

    I moved to bluetooth headphones years ago so losing the 3.5 jack isn't a factor for me.

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  • Ix TechauIx Techau, over 7 years ago

    So don't. Problem solved.

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  • Cristian MoiseiCristian Moisei, over 7 years ago

    Personally, I'm happy Apple has had a weak year because we could see things go either one of two ways:

    • either they will step up their game and come up with amazing software and hardware in the future.
    • or the hype will die down and people will remember these are just phones.
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  • Braden HammBraden Hamm, over 7 years ago

    It's less about the new phone for me. I think the iPhone 7 is impressive, and the new (returned) all black version is hard to turn down.

    It's just that each phone gets better, therefore lasts longer, and the improvements feel much smaller. Diminishing returns.

    I usually upgrade every other year, but my 6 works great. This will be the first time I skip 2 generations.

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    • perfume lperfume l, over 7 years ago

      Yes, this. It's feel the iPhone7 is superb phone, as always. Though the 6/6s is also great phone in its own generation, and still alive and kicking, so why upgrade?

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  • Spencer HoltawaySpencer Holtaway, over 7 years ago

    I see people on the bus with 4/4S, so pretty sure you're not.

    I'm on a different end of the spectrum: I got so bored of all this thinking and talking about "is it better enough to get it?" every year that I signed up for the Apple payment plan last time I got an iPhone so I don't even have to think about it any more.

    I'm most excited for the water-resistant part, which surprised me.

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    • James Young, over 7 years ago

      I did the same thing, I doubt there is anything they could do to the iPhone /watch/Ipad that would make me think its a gotta have product at this point. That said with the easy lease and the auto upgrades its one less thing that I need to be concerned with especially if something breaks(gets dropped).

      Now if theyd bring back the 17inch Mac Pro or a monitor thats kept up with technology those I could get behind.

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  • Greg BowenGreg Bowen, over 7 years ago

    What problem are they solving? The one thing that I really would like fixed is charging, My iPad, phone - they are always running out of power and I am constantly plugging them in.

    What I want to see is wireless charging. If my phone could be charged sitting next to my laptop, that would be amazing - not sure if technically possible, though.

    One thing that is not a problem for me is tangled headphone wires. On that note, I had a pair of earbuds once with flat wires and they were much easier to wrap up and never got tangled, Anyone else ever used those or know where to pick up a pair with a mic? (The last thing I need personally is something else to charge.)

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  • Thomas Edwards, over 7 years ago
    • “But it doesn’t have a floppy disk drive”
    • “There’s no ethernet port”
    • “It doesn’t have enough ports”
    • “But it doesn’t have enough space”
    • “All I need my phone to do is call and text”
    • “It doesn’t have 3G”
    • “But it doesn’t have a CD drive”
    • “The battery should last a week”

    The Macintosh uses an experimental pointing device called a “mouse”. There is no evidence that people want to use these things. – John C. Dvorak

    “We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone,” he said. “PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.” – Ed Colligan, Palm CEO

    But you’re right, this time – this time – is the time they’ve got it wrong.

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  • Brian HintonBrian Hinton, over 7 years ago

    I think the one big concern I've had forever about Apple products is their durability. Apple talks a great deal about the stress, and durability tests that they perform, but I've dropped a pencil on my MacBook Pro and dented it's surface. And the iPhone itself when dropped has a tendency to scuff, ding, and crack rather easily.

    I fondly think back to my old Nokia pre-smartphone that was dropped in a puddle, ran over by a truck, dropped in rain... then ran over with car (put back together and fine), etc. It also had days upon days of battery life. (another wish of mine)

    My point being is that the experience of an iPhone when it was initially launched was truly an amazing thing, and really it still is amazing what we can do on this little device --BUT things like durability and longevity of the experience hasn't improved. The need for all day, or multi-day battery life is a real thing. And I want to go hiking without worrying what will happen if I'm taking a picture and drop my phone on the trail.

    All of that said I'll probably end up upgrading sometime next year (after reviews are out for awhile) simply to have the latest device. The free upgrade option that Verizon offers makes it a simple process.

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  • John PJohn P, over 7 years ago

    Someone stop the presses, some design bro is going to manage to a whopping 2 years without dropping a few hundred dollars on an incremental update.

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  • Smail SmajkicSmail Smajkic, over 7 years ago

    Oh man, thank you for the information. You change my life.

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  • Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, over 7 years ago

    And I thought Medium was worse.

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  • Wesley HainesWesley Haines, over 7 years ago

    Now that's courageous.

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  • Mak Raz, over 7 years ago

    Neither I am.

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  • Daniel FoscoDaniel Fosco, over 7 years ago

    I have a Moto G 3rd Generation.

    It sucks.

    It was cheap.

    ~ ~ THE END ~ ~

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  • Oscar von HauskeOscar von Hauske, over 7 years ago

    Almost half the world — over three billion people — live on less than $2.50 a day. At least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day

    They won't be upgrading either

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  • Federico SarassolaFederico Sarassola, over 7 years ago

    Good for you men, my iPhone 6 battery is actually dying, and I always ungrade my iPhone skiping the S models, so, the iphone 7 plus, black (real, real black) will be with me of another 2 years.

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  • Dmitry KurashDmitry Kurash, over 7 years ago

    But it's black black, so black! How dare you?

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  • Diego LafuenteDiego Lafuente, over 7 years ago

    I am smiling with my Nexus 6P.

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  • Robbert EsserRobbert Esser, over 7 years ago

    The new iPhones are for sure overpriced. I don't really like Apple's strategy, but I'll buy the iPhone 7 just because it's the best phone there is.

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  • Joe Blau, over 7 years ago

    And the iPhone 7 plus sold out of pre orders in under 5 minutes.

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  • E BensleyE Bensley, over 7 years ago

    Slightly different for me again, I got a 6+ when it came out, love the size but nothing else grabs me, so ill be going back to Samsung when they fix the explosive new feature...

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  • Tony Jones, over 7 years ago

    My business phone is a 6P, which IMO is much better than what I believe the 7 will be. Definitely upgrading my personal phone to the 7 (not really excited but maybe it will make me look more important, then I will start wearing suits to work, then take over the world...then destroy the world...thanks iPhone)

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  • Matt CastilloMatt Castillo, over 7 years ago

    It could all be part of a greater plan: https://stratechery.com/2016/beyond-the-iphone/.

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  • Weston VierreggerWeston Vierregger, over 7 years ago

    Yeah, well, I'm on the AT&T Next thing so I'll go ahead and upgrade for fun. Maybe I'll take the Plus model this time around.

    A10 looks pretty cool. New camera looks pretty cool. Eh, that's enough for me.

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  • Norm Sheeran, over 7 years ago

    Snap, I won't be updating.

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