Why do Sketch plugins break after each update?

7 years ago from , UI Designer & Developer

Can someone explain why plugins break after a Sketch update and what it takes to update them? I'd love to take a crack at updating some of my favorite plugins that haven't been updated in months.


  • Daniel Worthington, 7 years ago

    Instead of providing an API, Bohemian gives developers access to all the internal classes and methods in Sketch. When a new version comes out, its common for one of those internal pieces to have changed. There isn’t really one cause, but many different small things that could break with each update.

    A good place to get started is with the Sketch developer site and the Sketch headers.

    Try opening Console.app and looking for errors there when you use the plugin. If you see one, you might be able to find out how to update the plugin if you look for the method the developer was trying to call in the headers.

    Developing plugins for Sketch can be tricky because so little of the code you can use is clearly documented. As someone who develops Sketch plugins myself, I can say it sometimes takes a lot of trial and error to discover these issues even in my own codebase. Good luck!

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  • Brian HintonBrian Hinton, 7 years ago

    Bohemian IS working on a JavaScript API that should help prevent this from continuously occurring.

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  • Dustin Dahlberg, 7 years ago

    I honestly don't care that they break really as long as plugin makers are being proactive about their updates. I just wish it was easier to update the plugins instead of having to go find them again and install the latest version.

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  • John PJohn P, 7 years ago
    1. Invest developer resources on an API instead of new features.
    2. Have new features and everything break every version.
    3. Have no new features so nothing breaks.

    Choose one.

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  • Jared CJared C, 7 years ago

    How do you all manage updating your plugins? Manual? Does sketchtoolbox work?

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  • Kerem SevencanKerem Sevencan, 7 years ago

    Plugins need update all the time, as a plugin developer I'm testing all new versions when they publish


    I'm trying to rewrite my favorite plugins if they have an update for new version, https://github.com/keremciu/sketch-repeat

    if the plugin developer has no time, I'd like to help to build new version.

    But yes sketch app needs automatic-update system for plugins...

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  • Bastien WilmotteBastien Wilmotte, 7 years ago

    https://github.com/shahruz/Sketch-Toolbox lol :(

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