Ask DN: Web-based app inspiration?

over 7 years ago from , Associate Product Design Director @ Huge

Anyone know a good gallery of web-based apps? Looking for examples of great design for really functional apps like Dropbox, Asana, Wealth Simple, etc...


  • Bertrand Bruandet, over 7 years ago

    I started Nicely done 3 weeks ago. It's similar to what you're looking for. You can filter by product category or by pattern. I already posted 47 products.

    Let me know what you think

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  • Carol SkellyCarol Skelly, over 7 years ago

    A site that comes to mind is https://pwa.rocks .. I found some great examples there.

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  • Account deleted over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    There isn't much out there. Maybe check out dribbble or similar. The problem is that many apps are behind a paywall and/or require a license to use. This makes it hard to showcase them as easily as a typical website.

    I've designed a few web apps and have had to do a lot of Google searching and such to find inspiration or research competitors.

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