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    Hi all,

    This is my first app released in the App Store. It's for iOS only, written in Swift, and I tried to make it super simple while showing beautiful typographic detail.

    I’m in the middle of a 1-year travel and during this trip I’ve been trying different currency apps. Most are bloated with features, unnecessarily complicated and look terrible on my iPhone 6 Plus. So I took it upon myself to build a currency converter that is simple, intuitive and looks great on every iPhone.

    I’m product designer living in Tokyo. I used to work at the ustwo family (http://ustwo.com) makers of Monument Valley and I was the product designer of Thread.com (YC12, http://thread.com).

    Please send feedback and comments, they are most welcome.

    Thanks, Nuno

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  • Erol AhmedErol Ahmed, over 7 years ago

    Very cool app. I downloaded it and it's way easier to use than XE. I hate that XE places ad buttons next to the real button on the desktop version of their site. Those anti-patterns drive me nuts.

    I did notice that the conversions between your app and XE were different. For example, £40 was $55.49 in your app and $58.64 on XE. I don't know enough about currencies to know why there is a difference.

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  • Gavin JonesGavin Jones, over 7 years ago

    Certainly achieves your goal of simplicity. For what it's worth here's why I'll be sticking to XE Currency (in spite of their ugly interface)

    I travel constantly and work in multiple currencies. For that reason, it's incredibly useful to see multiple currencies in one interface; in the same way that it's beneficial to see multiple world-clocks in one place. Additionally, this is useful in group situations (bar/restaurant) when you're with people of multiple origins. It involves minimal interaction with the app to see a useful/diverse set of data.

    Screenshot: (I hate how it looks, but function trumps form for this one) XE

    If you had an interface with multiple currencies in a single view, I'd pay a few $£€ for the app :)

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      Idea for a paid version :) Just kidding.

      Your point is fair, I would also like to see multiple currencies at the same time. I thought of a solution for that, and was thinking of implementing it in the next version.

      The revision would show the current input value converted to other currencies in the view to change currencies. I know this is not exactly what you're describing, it's something else, but have a look at the screenshot below. I picked this a better solution because it would keep the app very easy and quick to use for a simple 1:1 conversion, without the need to add / order multiple currencies and tap somewhere to input as you would in an architecture like XE's.

      sketch image

      What do you think? Can I add you to the beta testing group? (Just send me your email)

      And thanks for the feedback. It was succinct and it's helpful to see examples.


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      • Gavin JonesGavin Jones, over 7 years ago

        No problem, by the way, I'm not suggesting that your app should be built to fit my case, just sharing my scenario as I'm in-and-out of XE Currency pretty much every day.

        Email is mail@gavin-jones.com happy to be on the beta list

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    • Joe CJoe C, over 7 years ago

      Gavin, you should check out Amount, I use it for this exact purpose, comparing multiple currencies at once. I also brew beer and it's totally useful for the liquid ratios/conversions.

      screenshot of Amount

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