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over 7 years ago from , UX designer

Ciao All, I'm working on this app where the users are able to search for their favorite restaurant and save it. They can also search for cities, so there will be a second search bar where they can search for their city, geolocalize themselves or choose from a list of favorite cities (which they saved before).

What would you do in this case? A double search bar? A principal search where they look for a restaurant and a droplist with their saved cities (and the chance to search a new one) or what else?

We are not able to use the same search bar for restaurants and cities so have just one is not a chance :(

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  • Anthony TadinaAnthony Tadina, over 7 years ago

    Something that comes to mind is what Yelp and OpenTable do. Just have one search bar that expands into two input fields on tap.

    On Yelp/OpenTable, the placeholder text is: All Restaurants near Current Location

    The two bolded areas signify that you can do two types of searches once you tap into it.

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