• Zach CossZach Coss, over 7 years ago

    I love the logo and i love the footer it's so cute.. in general its well thought out and really combed for the user its a delightful experience :)

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  • Account deleted over 7 years ago

    I feel this went a bit too far toward the minimal side of things. I get that's it's called Hipcamp, but I'd rather see a little less of the "hip" and a little more of the "camp".

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  • Tyler AllenTyler Allen, over 7 years ago

    This is uncanny; When I was working with Camparoo about 2 years ago one of my homepage concepts looked really similar to this, so.. I dig the minimalism, typography, and use of colours. The dashboard area is also really similar, seems there's a standard layout for camp listings and how parents like to view info.

    I would; however, like to have seen more use of pictures for background uses, this is a camping site, so show off some locations, entice people. There's more whitespace and type than there's nature content. Of course you need to explain the service and how it works, but for a site that's focus is on getting out and enjoying nature, there's very little shown besides a few thumbnails and one very simple picture block.

    Also, maybe pass on to the dev to make the text animation for "Mary, Hipcamp Host says" to fade in within the block, not slide from below it. Looks kind of weird when scrolling down.

    As for the listings page and the camp page, you prob should stay consistent with the use of the rectangle for buttons. The list page has a rounded rectangle, the only one I see so far throughout the design. I also think the line spacing feels a little small. You want people to feel open, so apply that concept to the line spacing by increasing it a bit, will make the text feel more roomy and open, as if one is outdoors. Of course don't go crazy with it. If you're at 12 now, maybe 16? (found another rounded button, on listing page "Add Photos").

    Looks much better than the old layout, kudos. :)

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  • Greg BeckGreg Beck, over 7 years ago

    Glad to see them move away from an Airbnb style layout. I'm into it.

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