• Jonathan SimcoeJonathan Simcoe, over 7 years ago

    I love it, man! Nice site and body of work, Ryan.

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  • Andrew ZimmermanAndrew Zimmerman, over 7 years ago

    I like what I see. It reminds me of a quick sketch done with a Bic pen.

    However, with all the links going to other sites and a different aesthetic, I wonder if it would be better to house some of those items on your domain using a similar design.

    I agree with Pedro Pimenta that adding title attributes to the links may improve the SEO, but more importantly, improve the accessibility of your page.

    Keep up the good work Ryan.

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  • Account deleted over 7 years ago

    I love it. It's a simple solution with personality that connects everything. Even though some have mentioned flushing out the site to include portfolio works in here in the same aesthetic, I feel it's not needed at all.

    That's the beauty of what you did. I get a flavor of you in the scoop of the "ice cream" you provide... I don't need to eat a half gallon to decide if I like the taste...

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  • Pedro Pimenta, over 7 years ago

    What's with the cows? Ahah

    You figured... this is not a good size, let's just put some moo's there? Thats's awesome :D

    On another note, regarding SEO. I have [almost] no idea how it works but I think adding title and/or alt on the buttons and images would help heaps!

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    • Ryan Morrison, over 7 years ago

      Haha yup! :) Thanks for your feedback! I had titles at one point, but wasn't super into when they appear on hover. I'll probly put them back though!

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  • alec salec s, over 7 years ago

    I'll leave the technological critiques to people who know about that than I do. But coming from a visual design and experience perspective this rules. Loaded fast like whoa and i love the style. <3

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  • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, over 7 years ago

    I really like this. Uniquely unpretentious, yet shows skill and personality with seemingly little effort.

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  • Hrishi Mittal, over 7 years ago

    Very cool!

    (could do with more cowbell though)

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  • shaune westshaune west, over 7 years ago

    My thoughts; + Cool use of the nTLD. + Simple website. + Has everything that someone needs to 'get an idea of who you are'. - Would like a little more life on the website, maybe hovers animating in... or something like that?

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  • Alfonse SurigaoAlfonse Surigao, over 7 years ago

    Pretty much this: Moo

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  • Surjith S MSurjith S M, over 7 years ago

    Looks great..

    But I can see you are not using texts, while SVG Supports Text, you can benefit from SEO right?


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  • Chris Hart, over 7 years ago

    I like the design a lot and really dig your portfolio! I have to say, though: For people using screenreaders or simply using their keyboard to tab around, your site isn't usable. If you're going to list HTML and CSS as a skill, definitely consider adding :focus states and titles to your links.

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  • Eduard GiménezEduard Giménez, over 7 years ago

    Nice! Love the aesthetics, but, what about search engine indexing? Looking at the code doesn't seem to be any content that google could understand.

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  • Dan GDan G, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    I think it's nice and different enough.

    The two things I would say:

    — The hover effect on the links should probably be increased, it's a bit too subtle at the moment and that's from someone who was looking for it / is a designer.

    — On your CV, the stats suggest you've been working for over nine years, but I think what you're saying is that you've been freelancing for the 4+ you've been working. It's not a big deal and it's probably be fine, but in a world where a lot of people consider freelancing to be a permanent job, it's a little confusing.

    Hope that's not too negative, I liked the site a lot.

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  • Jake Lazaroff, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    Visually, I think it looks great. I can't imagine it's at all accessible for search engines / anyone who relies on the text of websites, though.

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    • Ryan Morrison, over 7 years ago

      I struggled with this a lot. Eventually decided that any hacky thing I could do to help with SEO or screen readers wasn't going to be semantic and would only just get docked on google's side of things.

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  • Dan TildenDan Tilden, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    I find the color scheme to be a bit harsh; the bright blue on pastel blue seems difficult to read, especially when paired with a low readability handwriting font.

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