• Sam SolomonSam Solomon, over 7 years ago

    But what about the Macbook Pro?

    I'm hoping for 16GB Ram standard, 32GB upgrade. Think that's just wishful thinking.

    Also, concerned about the MagSafe connector disappearing.

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  • Jon MyersJon Myers, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    I have a 12 inch Retina MacBook - my primary workstation is an iMac5k + Thunderbolt.

    I've previously owned 15 MBPs.

    The 12in MB is one of the poorest purchasing decisions I've ever made. The lack of ports is irritating. Don't bother trying to plug it into a projector in a client meeting. In true Apple fashion, the battery has degraded in quality. As a work machine, it's ok - but nothing to write home about.

    If you're a writer or soccer mom who wants to check Facebook while at Starbucks, the 12in is perfect.

    I was also hoping for upgrades to the 15 MBP so I can ditch this silly 12in and try and forget it ever happened.

    The thought of ponying up for yet another neglected 15 MBP is about as exciting as paying a large traffic fine or paying a large utility bill.

    Would be nice to have a MBP that could play in the VR space.

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    • Pedro Pimenta, over 7 years ago

      Why wouldn't I bother hooking up into a projector in a client meeting?

      It only matters if the projector is HDMI and you have a Retina MBP of course. All the other variables work the same way as the MacBook: an adapter.

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    • Ian GoodeIan Goode, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

      Would be nice to have a MBP that could play in the VR space.

      Same, I think we're several years away from that though. Right now no Macbook or iMac meets the requirements, not to mention Oculus pulled Mac support for the Rift ages ago.

      Of course you could play around with Unity/Unreal & the Google Cardboard SDK and do some experiments on your phone. Not even close to the same level of experience as the Rift/Vive but definitely more than good enough for playing around.

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  • B TB T, over 7 years ago

    MacBook 2016 (1,2Ghz) MacBook 2016 (1,2Ghz)

    MacBook 2015 (1,1Ghz) MacBook 2015 (1,1Ghz)

    Other than the GPU/CPU speed boost you also get

    • Faster SSD
    • At least 1 hour more battery life
    • Faster memory
    • Potentially support for Intel Speed Shift

    More info at AnandTech

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  • Eren Emre .Eren Emre ., over 7 years ago

    I've been using the first version of MacBook as my primary computer for awhile now. I can say this is the best Macbook I've owned so far. Sketch, Safari, Chrome, Dropbox, Tweetbot and some other apps are always open and not seeing any performance issues.

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    • Pedro Pimenta, over 7 years ago

      Me too, have been using it for the last year. Terminal running Middleman with SASS and ERB compilers, Chrome, Firefox, Swinsian, Dropbox, MEGA, Sublime Text, Slack with 4 channels, Boxy, Time Machine, Screenhero, Tripmode, F.lux and OpenVPN.

      No performance issues. Sometimes it gets a bit slow, during more processor intensive tasks, but still. Fuck yeah

      PD. Also have tested Internet Explorer with Parallels. Does it's job sooo well. Slows the machine down, but not unusable. Fuck yeah!

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    • Emily SaforrianEmily Saforrian, over 7 years ago

      Did you order an upgraded one? I've found that some things can cause it to slow down significantly. Also, mabye I'm getting older but I'm finding the 12" screen to be too small.

      And not to nitpick TOO much but the laptop is so small and light that it bounces too much when typing in my lap.

      Other than that, I love it for traveling, meetings and home use.

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      • Eren Emre .Eren Emre ., over 7 years ago

        Yes, I have the upgraded (max.) one.

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        • Emily SaforrianEmily Saforrian, over 7 years ago

          That must make all the difference. I really love the little guy there are some things holding it back from being my primary machine. The minute they release a 13" or 15" version, I'll be upgrading :)

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  • Brian HintonBrian Hinton, over 7 years ago

    Until the price goes down I'm not interested. Better to just get a MacBook Pro.

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  • Luca Candela, over 7 years ago


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