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Designer News continues to grow, as does our small team, and we’ve been very lucky to have incredible support from both sponsors and users alike.

On the opposite end of that, we’ve also had some very unfortunate bouts with spam, discrimination, and generally unwelcome content and individuals. Moderation within the community is not easy, but that’s no excuse. We can do much better.

Updated Guidelines

Today we’re launching an updated set of Guidelines that we encourage everyone to read. It’s important to note the changes we’ve made really focus on our understanding of how easily bad apples can ruin the bunch.

If you see a story, comment, or user that violates these new Guidelines, please use the reporting tools, or don’t hesitate to send me an email directly: max@designernews.co. (I assure you, I read them all!)


New Guidelines mean new, better moderation. It’s easy to say, but more important to prove from both our team of admins, and the moderators who volunteer their time.

Simply put, moderators will take action, and Guidelines will be strictly enforced.

If you have interest in fighting the good fight, and becoming a moderator, or if you have any questions about what’s being moderated, please send me an email: max@designernews.co.


There’s been an obvious increase in spam. It’s an annoying nuisance to everyone.

Functionality to help prevent and detect spam are in the pipeline (no specific release date, but very soon!). Until it’s release, we please ask you to bear with us and report any stories, comments, or users to us directly.

AMA Diversity

We’ve ramped up our AMAs and have been fortunate enough to have some really great guests and really great community questions as well. On that same note, we’ve heard comments about the lack of diversity and variance in our guests. We hear you, and we agree.

Designer News is and always will be an open and inclusive community of people of all types in design and technology, and we want to hear their stories.

Reach Out

We love hearing from the community. If you have any questions, feedback, or just need a hand we can be reached via email at: hello@designernews.co.


  • Sauro Sauro , over 7 years ago

    44 points
  • Anna NiessAnna Niess, over 7 years ago

    Very, very cool.

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  • Jon DarkeJon Darke, over 7 years ago

    Whatever you've been doing to combat this to date it's been working well - quality has always been consistently high to my eyes at least. Understand if it takes more effort to get it that way than everyone would like. Whatever it takes to keep it that way is cool by us

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  • Boris KaramarovBoris Karamarov, over 7 years ago

    It's already too late guys, the submissions page is unreadable, it's worse than Slashdot now. Once, when you went there you could find unvoted gems, now it's just listicles and all sorts of crap. Just delete non DN worthy stuff.

    3 points
    • Max Lind, over 7 years ago

      Hey Boris! -- we're right there with you. Tons of new moderation tools being launched under the hood soon, which include ways to both catch and stop listicle spam (and the like).

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      • Boris KaramarovBoris Karamarov, over 7 years ago

        Thank you for the quick answer. Appreciate it. Few people understand that the submissions page is as important as the trending page.

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  • Robin RaszkaRobin Raszka, over 7 years ago


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  • Dan TildenDan Tilden, over 7 years ago

    Can there be a better approach to deleted content, such as removing the offending content itself but not comments/replies attached to it?

    Recently there was a deleted story and the entire comment thread got deleted along with it. Apparently someone had replied to my comment there, but I never did get to find out what the reply said.

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    • Max Lind, over 7 years ago

      Hey Dan! - There's no way currently, but it's definitely being noted so we can look into it further. (I've run into that same situation myself more recently)

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