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  • , over 7 years ago

    Sketchpacks.com is now live.

    I've gone ahead and imported as many plugins as possible. The site has simple search capabilities.

    What's next (possibly)?

    Public API

    It'd be great to release an API that others can build on. Imagine if Sketch Toolbox or DPM leveraged this site as a data source.


    If interest in this site grows, perhaps we can begin to think about how a sketchpack.json definition file could help keep plugin information up-to-date and consistent on the site.

    Github Authentication

    I've already implemented authentication through Github. But I won't roll out this feature as there isn't a need for it yet. Perhaps plugin authors can directly update their plugin information on Sketchpacks.com.

    Want to help?

    If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to file an issue on Github.

    Want to contribute? [Check out the code]((https://github.com/sketchpacks/sketchpacks.com) over on Github.

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