Ask DN: Who gives you inspiration?

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Hey DN, there have been in the past a lot of threads about who you follow on dribbble, what designer you look up to,.... I'm asking this time who inspires you that isn't a designer that does the typical UI or Branding. I'll give you mine list to give a better understanding of what i mean.

Joseph Mallord William Turner - English Romanticist landscape painter.

Felipe Pantone - Kinetic Graffiti artist

Moses and Taps - Graffiti Duo

Jean Prouvé - Architect

Ian De Weerdt - Painter

Wemoto Mood - Tumblr page

DISCO PLAKATE - Poster design

John Turck - Collage Art

Sophie Moates - Collage Art

Simon Bolz - Photography

Casey Neistat - YouTuber (as he likes to call himself)


  • Irving TorresIrving Torres, almost 8 years ago

    In all honesty there are a ton of people I admire but my inspiration is my past self. Looking at my old AI files and portfolio always pushes me to improve and little by little I can see the skills that I've improved upon.

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  • Richard Turner, almost 8 years ago

    Some people don't like his style but I love Mike Creative Mints. His UI/UX isn't perfect, but his execution style is amazing. He can render textures/patterns/icons like I've never seen.

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  • Andrew McWattersAndrew McWatters, almost 8 years ago (edited almost 8 years ago )

    I can't say it's always individuals. Sometimes it's whole companies/agencies, or communities. There's a little GMUNK in the UI work I do, and way more Superbrothers and Valve than I would like to admit in my game development. Much of the Awwwards community influences me as well as varied designers and artists from dribbble.

    There are too many to list, but these come to mind. You inspire me too, DN fam. Keep owning it.

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