Ask DN: Employee Onboarding

almost 8 years ago from , Sr. UX Designer @ Dell

We're looking to rethink our employee onboarding process and I'm interested to hear about experiences others have had (good or bad). Did you feel welcomed your first day and excited to be at your new company? Did you receive enough information (including who to go to for questions) your first week? What did you learn about your company (process, org structure, history, values, philanthropy, activities & culture)? Did you get any swag (handbook, notebook, shirt, coffee cup)?

For a little more context, our HQ in Seattle has around 1,800 employees and we currently have about 30 new hires a week. New hire orientation groups consist of employees across various departments — tech, marketing, merchandising, studio, HR, legal, operations, finance.

Really liked this article I recently found: http://blog.mailchimp.com/maintaining-company-culture-through-onboarding/


  • Ben WarmuthBen Warmuth, almost 8 years ago

    For me, making sure the hardware and software I need to use is more or less ready to go is kind of the big thing. I realize that there's still likely a little setup on my end (choosing passwords, setting up voicemail, etc.) but having the important things set up and ready to go is a big deal.

    My current experience is at a very large company but, at my current job I spent about a week and a half unable to work substantially on the projects my team wanted me to work on simply because I had to put in a request to have Photoshop and Illustrator installed - a request which took nearly a week and a half to be fulfilled. Thankfully, I could attend some meetings and do some lofi work with pen and paper sketches while I waited. But many of those early issues would've been more easily resolved had everything been set up in advance.

    It almost felt like they had no idea how to handle a new designer joining the team.

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  • Caitlin G, almost 8 years ago

    Maybe not the most PC way to go about it, but several of my coworkers and I played Cards Against Humanity with our newest employee on his first day. At least we know he's a good culture fit now.

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  • Tyler WanlassTyler Wanlass, almost 8 years ago

    A few very quick thoughts:

    1. Give new hires a person to 'shadow' - not in the in the old-school sense, but someone they can go to w/ questions, someone who takes them to lunch their first day / week, etc.
    2. Be organized. If it's an onsite role have their desk, hardware, etc ready to go.
    3. Get them integrated into the team, project and flow on day one.
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  • Usman NasirUsman Nasir, almost 8 years ago

    Our company (www.synergy-it.pk) has a series of meetups and presentations to onboard the new employees. The official employee handbook, developers handbook and necessary accounts sheet is provided with a Synergy Polo shirt. The series of presentations make sure that employee knows who to approach when something is required. PS: interesting product (http://www.onboardinggroup.com/) is also a great help in employee over-boarding.

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  • Patrick Navarro, almost 8 years ago

    If you are looking for a software solution to improve your employee onboarding process, my team at WorkBright specializes in helping companies who onboard rapidly and who have the same concerns as they grow.

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