• Julian Lloyd, almost 8 years ago (edited almost 8 years ago )

    I debuted ScrollReveal on Designer News almost 2 years ago, and here I am again, to share more of my hard work with you guys!

    Version 3 is a complete re-write with a new JavaScript API.

    • 44% smaller (only 2.7KB)
    • No dependencies
    • Supports AJAX, custom viewports, and multiple reveal sets!

    As far as the new demo, I really tried to honor the original design while exploring something fresh. (Designerds, did you notice the new logomark is actually the letters SR?)

    Send me all your feedbacks, and please, share with your friends!

    Happy Tuesday!

    Edit: I’ve also updated the demo and documentation for browsers with JavaScript disabled. Thank you!

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  • Luc PestilleLuc Pestille, almost 8 years ago

    Really nice - will certainly replace waypoints for me where only simple reveal stuff is required.

    It would be nice if you could chain siblings together, rather than explicitly referencing them, though. Something like;


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  • James LaneJames Lane, almost 8 years ago

    That's an awesome logo! - Standard dribbble-style comment there.

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