• Tony GinesTony Gines, over 7 years ago

    Since this is a repost, I'll just repost the top comment from the other one by Chris Campbell:

    If this is the future of design, I'm changing careers.

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  • Clark WimberlyClark Wimberly, over 7 years ago

    Do web/digital designers really work with a pen tablet? This video shows two folks doing it, but I've never seen it in real life (beyond the illustrators I work with).

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  • Olivier FOlivier F, over 7 years ago

    TIL they got 18 million in VC funding. 18 million, and they're not even at the preview release stage!


    This always makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. That means the VCs are hoping for a unicorn. There is no middle ground for such a heavily funded company. They either capture the market or go in the deadpool and/or get sold to a company that will just shut it down.

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