How to control Spotify with media keys in OSX

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I have been searching for a way to use the media keys to control Spotify for a while and most ways either don't work or break iTunes. However, this solution works effortlessly and doesn't seem to cause any problems.

No more launching iTunes when trying to pause Spotify.

Disabling default iTunes behavior with media keys in OSX


  • Account deleted over 7 years ago

    Highly recommend Bearded Spice. It goes way beyond Spotify for controlling media playback.

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  • Brian DelaneyBrian Delaney, over 7 years ago

    My media keys have always worked with Spotify, but it was annoying when clicking / double-clicking the button on my headphones would launch iTunes rather than pause / advance the track in Spotify like it does when I'm plugged into my phone.

    This solution seems to prevent iTunes now when I click the button on my headphone, but Spotify does not respond.

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  • Sandro P, over 7 years ago

    That's strange.

    The media keys on my keyboard have always worked with Spotify. I've had them stop working, but only once or twice.

    Thanks for sharing, though. I'll save the link in case it ever stops working for good. ;)

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