Ask DN: A completely barebones/ pseudo-CMS?

8 years ago from , Interaction Designer

Hey guys,

I'm working with a client and they're looking for a super simple addition to their site. So simple, it's basically looking for a fresh page with a couple of text fields so they can post a few calendar dates. They want it to be editable however, and nothing else on the site will operate this way.

I'm not totally opposed to installing a bulky CMS for such a simple addition, but do you guys know of anything that could suit this better perhaps?

A text-only pseudo-CMS? Or a workaround with Dropbox/GDrive/ et al? Asking here because it'd want to be styled as the rest of the site, so no external or template-based soultions.

Just a shot in the dark, really, anything would be appreciated. Thanks.


  • Chris Aalid, 8 years ago

    I've used Tabletop.js for small things like that before. It basically uses a Google sheet as a CMS, directly from the sheet (there is also an option to use it with JSON if you're concerned about a large number of requests to the Google Sheet).

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  • Benjamin LundquistBenjamin Lundquist, 8 years ago

    If it's just calendar dates maybe you could pull from a calendar feed?

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