• Rolando MurilloRolando Murillo, over 7 years ago

    Nice way of referring back to visitors coming from DN!

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  • Gabriele CirulliGabriele Cirulli, over 7 years ago

    If anyone here bought it: how does it compare with the Apple silicone case? Is it sturdy or soft? How does it feel to hold (is it slippery)?

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    • Dale-Anthony WilliamsDale-Anthony Williams, over 7 years ago

      I've had one of these on my phone for a year now, it's awesome... you don't even notice it's there.

      Not as grippy as the silicone cases, but not slippery either.

      The one gripe I have is that after a few months of use the area around the volume button seems to warp, but the customer service is great and they offered a replacement case both times.

      For those of you in the UK it might be worth checking out Vesper cases if you want to save on shipping costs, these look almost identical (although I haven't used one myself): http://vespercase.co.uk/

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      • Alex HeetonAlex Heeton, over 7 years ago

        Also had this case, absolutely loved it. It is a bit slippery though, it's texturised but hard plastic, so about as grippy as plain aluminium.

        I've just ordered their V2 case for the 6s - they've addressed the volume button issue and a few other things (a small lip around the camera now, for instance, protects the lens).

        They ship worldwide for for $5, so no issue for those of us in the UK.

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      • Marshall Haas, over 7 years ago

        Thanks for being a customer, Dale. We actually ship anywhere in the world for $5 now - same rate as the states.

        Additionally, we made some improvements to our cases for both 6S and 6 to help combat the issues you mentioned above – structural improvements around the volume buttons, subtle lip around the camera, and full protection around the bottom.

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      • Wilson C, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

        Thanks for the mention Dale. You're right, we do offer Free Shipping within the U.K. and we ship from within the U.K. too so that means a 1-3 days estimated delivery period. :) www.vespercase.co.uk

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    • Jonathan SimcoeJonathan Simcoe, over 7 years ago

      Had this case on my iPhone 6 Plus. It is very slippery and the first drop on a hard floor shattered the case. It is really like having a thick piece of paper around your phone.

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    • Jesse C.Jesse C., over 7 years ago

      I had one for a while on my 6 and I don't plan on getting one again because it began to lose its shape a little bit so it was no longer a snug fit and it just seemed to be a dirt magic and itself was hard to clean.

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      • Marshall Haas, over 7 years ago

        Sorry to hear that. We recently made some improvements to our new 6 and 6S (and plus variants) to help combat that.

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  • Francis Villanueva, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    Interesting. I've got the same case for a while now but from a different company called 'Caudabe', which I got on Amazon for $15 vs Peel's $25: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NH5ZXR0

    I will admit Peel did a great job with their branding and selling the same product.

    Regardless, like the previous commenters, it tends to warp around the volume buttons. I recommend to try and not take it off to avoid any warping. I think that's how I did it to mine. It's a little slippery, but better than the iPhone without a case.

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  • Michael Rosenau, over 7 years ago

    Have this case for my iPhone 6 for about a year. Loved it until I cracked the screen from a drop. The drop was perfect because in that it landed right on the rounded corner of the glass which is past the end of where the case wraps around the side.

    I would say the iPhone silicone case would have prevented this screen crack.

    Also: Stuff does eventually find it's way between the case and the phone so you'll get those scratches if you don't remove it once a week or so to clean.

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  • David SawyerDavid Sawyer, over 7 years ago

    Got me a juice bag of chargers coming in the mail!

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  • Abdulrahman JarallahAbdulrahman Jarallah, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    I just got the Space Gray case for my iPhone 6s and loving it. Also, I dont think it's slippery. I havent owned the Apple case, so i cant compare.

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  • Andrew HoltAndrew Holt, over 7 years ago

    Wouldn't it also offer a nearly invisible level of protection? :)

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  • Cecil Lancaster, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    I'd like to get this but the comments here say it's actually fairly slippery. That's a huge deal breaker. The iPhone itself is slippery and it's the reason why I need a case. If the case is slippery too then forget it.

    Anyone know of a super thin case like this that's grippy?

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  • Nick MorrisonNick Morrison, over 7 years ago

    I also wanted the Peel but needs a "6S" capable version and Spigen had released this case. Nearly identical to the Peel and comes with Amazon Prime. The only noticeable difference was the Spigen logo embossed on the back. Barely noticeable and at half the price of the Peel it was worth it to me.


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