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  • John Mauro, 8 years ago

    Howdy DN, Surveyor is my first iOS app. A hike in the Colorado Rockies provided the inspiration. If you're an avid outdoorsman/woman, I think you'll find it useful. I'm leveraging MapBox's new GL library and Forecast's awesome api.

    Here's a little more about it:

    Surveyor combines all the tools you need to go exploring in one beautiful app.

    • Easily navigate using Surveyor’s hand-crafted compass
    • Keep on eye on atmospheric pressure changes to know whether it'll be smooth sailing or a storm's a brewin'
    • Pinpoint your location on one of three custom maps, including topographic and satellite maps
    • Monitor your altitude on your ascent to the summit or check the wind conditions as you sail the high seas
    • Quickly send your coordinates to a friend for a meetup or in case you need help.  

    Surveyor is the perfect app for hikers, sailors, hunters, fishers, weekend warriors, and everyone in-between

    I started coding in Swift a few months ago. Happy to answer any questions!

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