• Tyrale BloomfieldTyrale Bloomfield, 8 years ago
    1. Apply for every relevant job on every board you can find. Right the hell now.
    2. Apply for every remote job available with you skill set.
    3. You are worth more than 40k in any demographic.
    4. Be willing to move to any job that will take you.

    Good Luck, wish I has some work for you.

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  • Some DesignerSome Designer, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    Before empathizing, I'd like to look with a much more objective view. And I had a hard time to believe your story.

    Married with 4 kinds got the first job as an intern

    What? Did you just married underage? Or did you just slacked until you get married with a kid? If you don't have enough income you just don't make children. That's a common sense. This doesn't seem responsible of you. 4 is not a mistake.

    "Your dream job" is to be "something" at a factory?

    So minimum wage is $40k for a designer I guess. Well congrats chumps you've all been tricked. Legally there's no money paid for internships where I live, tax frauds are done without any problem -which negatively effects your social security services- aand experienced designers/developers get paid shit. For example I have 7yrs of exp as a professional I don't even have a $20k for a year. So the price is bullshit

    Development laptop

    Really? Is that a thing?

    15 minutes to run the test suite

    If you're using intel celeron while playing half life opposing force on background yeah, it might take that much.

    We got a new developer, and on his first day in the office he was given a Macbook and a bag of accessories.

    Did you just tried to look like a victim but instead you've only got jealous? Well go to hell man, I do not care about green-eyed devils like you. I really don't care if you don't get the same "items" or appraisals unless you don't fight for your rights. You've just begged for a better pay and eventually they've fired you. Instead of fighting equality you've just wanted exceed the newcomer for his precious face.


    If you land a job with 0 exp send me their number also. I'll get that one also.

    And my comment: Why fuck are you begging? Are you crippled? Are you forced not to leave your computer? Right now I'm living in a shit house with a very shit payment. For years I've been talking to designers/companies everywhere and there been times I've gone comically broke. Not that I'm irresponsible like you- the pays in here are shit but there's this thing. I never lost my dignity, never begged. You know what, it took from me. But I can have shit load of life and professional experience which can outsmart any other professional. And I've achieved this because I've scraped with my own nails. My pay only helps me so I had to leave the only my life partner. It turned out I couldn't start a family and we eventually agreed not to see each other. We didn't made children. It's really irresponsible to make children if you can't look out for them. And if I was an employer that would be the first thing that I'd notice.

    For the naive designers/devs; let's look at the guys communication method. It's a random tumblr. Have you ever searched his name?(nothing comes up) Look at the weird email. Do remember receiving random mails which asks for money for winning lottery etc? If you're not 20years old you'd remember. This is the same and I really can't believe most of you've fall for it.

    Go watch and learn before "aawww"'in anything you see on internet.


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    • Eric REric R, 8 years ago

      Just curious what country you are in that designers/developers make "shit" and you are only getting paid $20k on 7 years experience?

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    • Yasmin AndreaYasmin Andrea, 8 years ago

      First off, it's hardly the same situation as email scamming -- he's not asking for money, he's asking for information about job opportunities and putting himself out there. The fact that it's a 'random' Tumblr with very little personal information is most likely due to the fact that, as he kept saying, he's embarrassed to be "begging" for help, but he's desperate. Also, Tumblr is quick and easy to set up and affords you as much anonymity as you need, whereas communities such as DN or LinkedIn require a name, encourage you to add personal info about where you work, your Twitter, etc. etc. From the tone and content of the writing, it's not just some random scammer -- the story is very detailed and specific to the industry e.g. I doubt a random scammer would know what Slack is, or Rails, etc. etc.

      Secondly, you're writing this scathing response assuming that it's completely false, when you don't know for sure. It's great that you've managed to overcome obstacles in your professional life but it's not your place to impose your beliefs on other people. You have no right to tell people how to live their lives or mock them for asking for help. I know what it's like to struggle at the beginning of your career after a knockback, you start to lose faith in your abilities and wonder if anyone will ever give you a chance. I can't imagine how that must feel given the added pressure of having a family to support. It's all well saying it was irresponsible of him to begin a family when he was working in a factory, but a) there's nothing he can do about that now, he can't go back in time, and b) haven't you met anybody who didn't go to college, worked a regular job to provide for their family, then went to college or tried to make it in a skilled industry to give themselves a better life? I met plenty of mature students at university with similar stories. It's a big gamble to take but it can pay off majorly.

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    • John PJohn P, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

      Having 4 kids if your a sole provider working minimum wage in a plastics plant, is super irresponsible.

      Not to mention I know plenty of devs who started on $40K… in London with degrees no less. Expecting to support a 6 person family on a starting salary is absurd.

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  • Mark Michon, 8 years ago

    These stories are always tough, but I always have to wonder if something more isn't going on. Is it location? I see grads with very minimal experience finding good work with no problem, even in a state like my own (FL) with lower salary rates than many places. One thing our industry isn't lacking is job openings.

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  • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, 8 years ago

    would love to know the startup in question so i could boycott them appropriately.

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  • Luca Candela, 8 years ago

    Hello Pedro, you would do yourself a big favor by mentioning where you live (country, city) and what you're looking for. Development talent is so scarce I can't really imagine it will be hard for you to find anything and you can send me a private message, I'll help you connect with a bunch of people that might be helpful to you.

    You should name the company that did this to you, I don't think it would affect you negatively and it would be a great service to the community as a whole.

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    • Brian FryerBrian Fryer, 8 years ago

      I don't believe that Pedro is the author of this post—he has a fairly substantial post/comment history on DN.

      I couldn't find any identifying information on the tumblr (there's only this one post), and a quick Google/Facebook search of the email address doesn't turn up anything relevant either.

      If this is real, providing geographic information and the name of the company he worked at would be super useful. It would certainly make providing help much easier.

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    • Pedro Pinto, 8 years ago

      Hi Luca, thanks for your concern, but I'm not the author of the post.

      I hope that the author finds a decent job.

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  • Taulant SulkoTaulant Sulko, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    This is a really sad story. I hope something comes up.

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  • Benjamin LundquistBenjamin Lundquist, 8 years ago

    fwiw, I emailed this guy with an opportunity two days ago and have not heard back.

    If this is some sort of troll I don't get it

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  • Taj Rahman, 8 years ago

    Have you looked into remote jobs?

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  • Alfonse SurigaoAlfonse Surigao, 8 years ago

    Hey Pedro, sorry to hear about that... I can't imagine how you must be feeling. Anyways, I know this might be a long shot, but we're always looking for more Ruby/RoR devs. Feel free to hit up our jobs board https://recurly.com/jobs/. We're based in SF but have a few remote employees.

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    • Pedro Pinto, 8 years ago

      Hi Alfonse, thanks for your concern, but I'm not the author of the post.

      I hope that the author finds a decent job.

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