Ask DN: Can notifications of replies be linked directly to the reply?

8 years ago from , I design products and experiences.

Maybe I am missing something, however when I get a new reply to a comment I made on a DN post, the notification doesn't link me directly to the reply itself. It would be great if i got a notification: "1 reply", and upon clicking on that reply it took me directly to the reply (with my comment above for context if possible).

Also, once I've seen the notification, it removes it - so there is no easy way to get back to that post again without going to my profile and clicking through and then scrolling.

Idea: Maybe notifications need their own place in the header menu, showing New notifications and Read notifications.

EDIT: I come to DN for the comments.


  • Max LindMax Lind, 8 years ago

    @Diesel, thanks for the post/ideas. You're in luck, we have been working on some edits to the comment notifications similar to what you're describing...so fret not. :)

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  • Julian LloydJulian Lloyd, 8 years ago

    This has been a weak spot in the Designer News UX for quite some time.

    It seems we’ve got a great team focused on making DN the best it can be now, so I’m glad you’re bringing this up. Whether its comment permalinks, or auto-scrolling to anchors, this would be cool to see addressed.

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  • Braden HammBraden Hamm, 8 years ago

    One of my big gripes as well. A permanent, dedicated notifications page would be great.

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