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8 years ago from , digital dingus at Bakken & Bæck

Hi all,

For a thing I'm working on I was wondering where you find your digital design inspiration and what you look for when you do so.

Do you, for example, click to websites like Siteinspire and browse some pages, or do you search for things relevant to your current work by using keywords/tags or colours?

If you could share some of your preferences with me, that'd be great! Anything is welcome.


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  • Ian De DobbelaereIan De Dobbelaere, 8 years ago

    Everyday i go over website's like dribbble, behance, abduzeedo,... when i find something interesting i use Drag Dis to put in category's and save it.

    When i start a project and i need some inspiration i normally would look first in my dragdis but if this isn't enough i usually go to dribbble, behance,... and type keywords in that fits the project.

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