• Simon CarrascoSimon Carrasco, over 8 years ago

    love the animation of the logo in the scroll, that's so precise.

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  • Joe Crupi, over 8 years ago

    "The moon. Our closest neighbour in the solar system. And yet, it has always seemed distant and unreachable - until now."

    Or like... the 21st July 1969

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  • Cihad TurhanCihad Turhan, over 8 years ago

    In case designer/developer sees this comment, footer links kinda f*** up :(

    Win 8.1 chrome 44 beta


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  • Tiago DuarteTiago Duarte, over 8 years ago

    Slightly related: is it just me or does the video narration sound a lot like Optimus Prime in the Transformer movies?

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