• Kyle MitchellKyle Mitchell, almost 8 years ago

    The palette could use some more contrast. Pretty harsh on the eyes.

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    • João Ferreira, almost 8 years ago

      Hey Kyle

      You mean in terms of the body text?

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      • Drew ShimomuraDrew Shimomura, almost 8 years ago (edited almost 8 years ago )

        Hey João -

        Speaking for myself, yes the body text is pretty darn low contrast to the white bkgrnd. It's tough to read. But some of the images, too, have contrast problems, specifically the ones that put the very light blue next to the white (atom, "S" grid)

        FWIW, I also feel like I'm having to scroll a little too much to get a general overview. I appreciate giving content space, but when it feels* like 1/2 of the time I spent viewing your site was spent scrolling, I'm worried that potential clients might feel like your message is a bit unclear.

        *I say "feels" because it's obviously way less than that, but the impression is that it's higher than usual

        Edit: I should add, the text contrast problem is specifically on the front page--black-on-white text contrast on case studies, for example, is just fine.

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        • João Ferreira, almost 8 years ago

          Hey Drew,

          Thanks for taking the time to elaborate, we really appreciate this sort of feedback :)

          About the whitespace, we ended up adding the space in the last week of work because we felt there was not enough room for all the elements.

          Illustrations do tend to create a big 'color blur' to the users eyes, so we wanted to have a lot more white/light-blue around them. But we will definitely be adjusting that soon since more people feel the same way and these are all very good points.

          About the contrast, we did test it on some 'bad' screens and didn't feel the same way but then again, there might be something to tweak if people repeat it as an issue, so we added that to the task list.

          Again, thanks for taking the time to give us feedback, we really appreciate it.

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  • Tom WoodTom Wood, almost 8 years ago

    Beautiful illustrations, lovely palette and even better to see a company from Braga doing great work. Some of the loveliest people you can meet in Portugal.

    I agree with a lot of what's being said here - there is a lot of website going on, and it's not immediately obvious what you do. When the average user's attention is all of 5 seconds you need to make an impression and convey your product/work instantly.

    Most users won't hang around to find out what you're all about, or will be put off by the vague nature of the copy around the site.

    Visually it's stunning and you should be so proud of it -- but there is a fine line between self indulgence and beauty. Just make sure you haven't crossed over into the the realm of self indulgent design.

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    • João Ferreira, almost 8 years ago

      Hi there Thomas,

      Thank you for that. We do understand the users attention spawn is short but we built this website with 3 types of targets and we built it to attract those targets. We made a significant effort to create solid copy along with our illustrations to attempt to make people stay on the site for a while longer.

      Only in a few months we'll be able to tell if it's working or not :)

      Thanks again and you should stop by for coffee with us if you ever find yourself in the neighbourhood :)

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  • Chris LeckieChris Leckie, almost 8 years ago

    Heads up, the entire page is repainting when you scroll which is resulting in it being incredibly choppy.

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    • João Ferreira, almost 8 years ago

      Hey Chris,

      That's weird :/ We've added that to Trello, we'll try to take a look during the weekend. Thanks for the heads up! :)

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  • Diogo Palhais, almost 8 years ago

    Está fantástico João! Bom trabalho.

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  • Giulio MichelonGiulio Michelon, almost 8 years ago

    I would move the case studies closer to the header: it takes a long time before seeing them and the copy before that is what everyone is saying.

    You should show how you work instead of just saying how it is.

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    • João Ferreira, almost 8 years ago

      Hey Giulio,

      It is definitely something we expected to hear. We wanted to give the users a walkthrough of how we do things before they actually got to the case studies. It was intentional.

      However, we want to highlight the case studies a bit more, we're just working out how to do it at the moment.

      Thanks for the feedback and the suggestions :)

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  • Chip Dong Lim, almost 8 years ago

    Yes, I agree with the color contrast comment. I feel like the light blue could be a little darker to create more contrast or you could make the text darker (vice versa). But somehow I like the subtleness of it.

    Great site design in overall! I especially love the storytelling aspects of the case studies. Great job!

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    • João Ferreira, almost 8 years ago

      Thanks! we did take a lot of care into the case studies, nice to hear that :)

      The subtleness on our color palette is something we aimed for but there's nothing more important to us than the experience and functionality. Readability is a very pressing issue for us and we will work to improve it while keeping a good match between the colors.

      Thanks for taking the time to explore our site and give feedback, for real :)

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  • João Ferreira, almost 8 years ago

    Hey there,

    We've updated the color scheme to improve the overall contrast on the website. Soon enough we'll have a new update regarding some animations we've been working on for the last couple of weeks.


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  • Some DesignerSome Designer, almost 8 years ago

    Isn't that Google Polymer's logo?

    Image alt

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  • Lucian MarinLucian Marin, almost 8 years ago

    Lots of new brand names are starting with “sub” lately. What’s going on?

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  • Matthew ClarksonMatthew Clarkson, almost 8 years ago

    That's a lot of website for 2 meh case studies

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    • João Ferreira, almost 8 years ago

      We did want to display our values and our team culture across the website, so the website is quite big. Don't see it as a problem.

      Don't think I understand your thoughts on the case studies though.

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      • Ethan BondEthan Bond, almost 8 years ago

        The only thing re: size of the website is that I would like to see some more digestible examples of your work. Case studies are awesome, but I really wish I could scroll through quickly and get the gist of what you do.

        Of course, if I were considering scheduling a meeting with you, I'd probably read more intently. I also understand it can be difficult to create an engaging narrative for something as context-heavy as the two case studies you showed off.

        It seems Matthew is criticizing the amount of effort and I've gotta disagree: the effort you put in is clear and I really like it!

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        • João Ferreira, almost 8 years ago

          Hey Ethan,

          Thanks for taking the time to elaborate this feedback, it is really cool for us to understand that there's a pattern of things that aren't working out perfectly. That feeling you mentioned, of not being able to quickly get to examples of our work, is pretty much due to the fact that we wanted to display our work practices and kind of distinguish ourselves from other companies' websites that only show design comps and clients' logos.

          However, it seems obvious now that we need to highlight those case studies a bit more since that's what most people will be eager to see.

          Thank you very much for taking the time to write this :)

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