• ChrisArchitec t, almost 8 years ago

    one pretty lookin video heh.

    Biggest point for me amidst all the fluffy 'this is amazing' 'we fight for the users stuff' was a brief mention of how to pronounce VSco. haha One of those sort of online words that you say one way in your head, never heard out loud.

    Vee-Ess-Co? haha Nope, Vis-Co.

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  • Cian Mac MahonCian Mac Mahon, almost 8 years ago

    VSCOcam is fantastic, my favourite photo app by far (it dethroned Camera+ about a year ago) - but I really wish they'd spend some time focusing on UI and UX. Figuring out how to do something in that app can take multiple attempts, and I've had to force-quit the iPad app at least once rather than figure out how to navigate out of a photo gallery.

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