• Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, over 8 years ago

    Well they borked the recent CC app update and had to push out another one today, it was running 100% of one of my cores until I restarted the app and it installed a tiny update that fixed it.

    I also really wish they would stop encouraging the use of Photoshop for UI design. I know it's what most people use and are comfortable with, but that doesn't mean they should force a bunch of stuff for editing UIs into an app that's meant for touching up photos.

    You already have Illustrator and Fireworks, why not just make them more powerful since they are ALREADY made for UI design. Photoshop has become a bloated mess and I honestly don't understand how people can prefer using it over Illustrator, Sketch, Affinity Designer, or any of the other vector based tools that are in their current state 1000x better than Photoshop for UI design.

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    • Todd BurtonTodd Burton, over 8 years ago

      This x1000. If you stick with Adobe for UI design, Illustrator is much easier/better.

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    • Jacob TaylorJacob Taylor, over 8 years ago

      I know it's what most people use

      It's the defacto standard. Not much you can do there.

      TBH I quite like the new UI stuff. It certainly makes life easier for me.

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    • John DJohn D, over 8 years ago

      Scare of changes.

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    • Cristian Moisei, over 8 years ago

      Hey Mattan - completely agree with you that PS has become bloated and it's not really suited for UI. See one of my older articles here: https://www.designernews.co/stories/49438-the-definitive-guide-to-living-with-photoshop-as-a-ui-designer

      The new update however could be a step in the right direction if they deliver everything they promised (I got to test a beta a while ago).

      The way I see it - Illustrator is not meant for UI either, but rather illustration and it's just as clunky and imperfect. Fireworks hasn't been updated in years, and Sketch, while dedicated to UI, feels like more of a toy than a serious program and has no windows version.

      Until an amazing tool comes along, making PS better for UI design is a welcome change.

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  • Charles PearsonCharles Pearson, over 8 years ago

    Everybody knows artboards is in the PS release, but so much more is also included. There's a big goodie bag of fun coming tomorrow -- including (but not limited to) improvements to export and libraries that we also showed off last week. It will be a fun time.

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    • Robert PaigeRobert Paige, over 8 years ago

      Thanks for reassuring us Charles!

      Besides artboards, do you know if scaling Smart Objects will be fixed (changing the Image Interpolation is a pain)

      Also being able to work with type will be easier, such as copying text formats from Chrome to Photoshop?

      I could wait tomorrow, but I feel uneasy that Adobe isn't doing anything about these issues since CS6.

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  • Shakti DashShakti Dash, over 8 years ago

    Anyone who thinks Photoshop is unsuitable for UI design should read at least some in-depth articles by Marc Edwards. http://bjango.com/articles/

    Take the best from his workflow—make it your own—start using Creative Cloud Libraries—use linked smart Objects and I bet you there's nothing to beat PS by a mile.

    P.S. I have used sketch since its early days and still use it. It just doesn’t replace PS for me still. Also PS is headed the right way, they have a wonderful team who listen to their users and are excited to bring significant changes over the past two years. Nothing beats PS for its stability and memory management and finally its not about this tool or that tool, its about learning to use it the correct way. Illustrator is brilliant for icons or vector stuff, but until they fix antialiasing I do not recommend it for UI design/assets.

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    • Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, over 8 years ago

      Fair enough, but I try to work only in vector so I don't have to worry about the poor antialiasing in Illustrator (all our images and other such assets are used as straight SVG in our app).

      Also with the number of screen sizes and pixel densities you have to work with now, it becomes impossible to truly control for pixel-perfect design when using bitmaps.

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      • Shakti DashShakti Dash, over 8 years ago

        Bitmaps? The days of bitmaps are long gone :) Smart objects in PS are all vector and so are smart shapes pasted into PS from illustrator. It would be actually criminal to use bitmaps for UI design. Exporting multiple assets for iOS and Android are a single click for me either using the built in asset generator or custom actions. Also, PS generator also has options to exports svg.

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        • Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, over 8 years ago

          Sorry, to clarify I meant raster-based images.

          I know that PS has smart objects and vectors, I mean the final output used in your application.

          I have stopped using raster-based images and just use SVGs now.

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  • Lasse EriksenLasse Eriksen, over 8 years ago

    Does this mean I have to upgrade from 2014 to 2015 and have 2 version of CC? What was the point of Creative Cloud again?

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    • Cristian Moisei, over 8 years ago

      You won't have 2 versions CC2015 will replace 2014. You can still downgrade if you don't like it. At least that's how it worked with previous updates.

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    • Sam SolomonSam Solomon, over 8 years ago
      • Photoshop CC
      • Photoshop CC 2014
      • Photoshop CC 2015
      • Photoshop CC 2015 Q2
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  • Phil RauPhil Rau, over 8 years ago

    How much slower can my system get? Find out, later this week!

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  • Rick KhannaRick Khanna, over 8 years ago

    I want to know if the artboards are backwards compatible. Will you be able to open files with multiple artboards in CC 2014, CS6 or earlier?

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