Ask DN: your most soul-sucking user experiences/features

over 8 years ago from , Head of Design at Dialpad

Sorry to be terribly negative this morning, but it's really gloomy in San Francisco so I thought I'd spread it. :-D

As designers, I'm sure there are experiences (digital, or not) you have every day that just grind at you. Sure, they're probably #firstworldproblems and actually whining about them out-loud to your family and colleagues would probably drive them away.

If only there were a safe place to have a good whinge.... well here it is!

The ONE thing I ask of you, though, is to include a "WHY". As designers it's important that we recognize why something doesn't work, so we don't make the same mistake (and who knows, maybe some of us will learn from reading the whys).

Fire away!

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