• Matt WalkerMatt Walker, almost 8 years ago

    Tumblr is now leaking onto designer news.

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  • Adam WAdam W, almost 8 years ago

    i don't think that is how google works...

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  • Ed AdamsEd Adams, almost 8 years ago

    Does this slightly confuse anyone else? I understand it as a concept, but I'm sure if you used China's equivalent to Google Images you'd see Asian hands, and so on.

    It's not like this is "racism". As far as I'm aware, white people's hands show up first because there are more images of white people's hands on the internet. It seems to be just that simple. I strongly doubt there's any discrimination or lack of diversity at play here.

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    • Victor WareVictor Ware, almost 8 years ago

      Here's the hand results from Baidu.

      As you can see there's not a lot of diversity there either.

      You should probably read the links at the site about structural and institutional racism. Also why are there more white people's hands on the internet versus other people when most of the world isn't white?

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      • B CB C, almost 8 years ago

        Most of those hands looked Asian... why would there be a lot of darker skinned hands on Chinese websites who are going after fairer skinned Chinese consumers? The answer to your later question: while most of the world isn't white, relevant content producers probably are for English speaking Americans.

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        • Victor WareVictor Ware, almost 8 years ago

          That's not true. The truth is that fairer skin or white skin has been propped up as the ideal by white people. Even when the target audience is diverse there tends to be a bend toward lighter skinned people.

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    • Chris SilvermanChris Silverman, almost 8 years ago

      The fact that there are more images of white peoples' hands than anyone else's is likely a product of institutional racism: white people have more opportunities, more education, more money, and therefore better access to technology, so they're more represented online. And no, that's not a Google problem, it's a social problem that is reflected in Google search results.

      Which is why I don't think artificially increasing the number of non-white hands on Google search results is going to accomplish anything. It's like "curing" measles by painting over the spots. This just seems superficial and pointless.

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