InVision Material Design Update

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Just noticed the dashboard underwent a drastic change to a pretty spartan Material design format. Thoughts?


  • Jon MyersJon Myers, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

    Not a fan personally.

    On the Persistent Pink Power Nipple.

    Seems silly, distracting and gratuitous.

    I don't like how the same button occupies two separate psychological contexts. That's flawed thinking, and breaks basic user experience fundamentals.

    It's a signal to me that this is Material for Material's sake.

    In one context on the projects home screen, the Power Nipple is for adding new projects.

    In the context of a project, it's for adding assets.

    Yes, I get it - they are both for adding.

    The rationale is broken.

    In terms of rank and prioritization of the range of tasks the Persistent Pink Power Nipple performs, I would say most of the time I'm in Invision, I'm looking for feedback/ comments and responding to comments.

    Not constantly adding new screens (I use Invision sync anyhow) and certainly not constantly adding new projects.

    Thus, why has it been given such priority, and why is that in your face the whole time?

    Anyhow, don't get me wrong, I LOVE Invision, could not live without it at this point, but mehhh, the Persistent Pink Power Nipple should go.

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  • Ben S, over 8 years ago

    I've already tweeted them about the fact that there is almost no way to tell if you are uploading a bunch of files or not - before a nice big overlay appeared with progress on a per file basis. Now, a just tiny icon in the top right. Almost as bad is the unreadable text, the even less meaningful icons, the hidden share buttons, less context as to what tab I am on and the awful pink add button, (which changes mode based on the tab and only encourages you to drag and drop, a behaviour which a user can and will adopt without using the button very quickly).

    The whole thing reeks of gratuitous redesign for the sake of it, and while the performance is better not much else is - it epitomises a lot of what Eli Schiff has been talking about lately in terms of lack of rationale and a desire to be fashionable and on trend. As a paying customer who has encouraged my entire organisation to use InVision, I'm hugely disappointed to see that this is where they chose to dedicate their resources.

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  • Rory Smyth, over 8 years ago

    More impressed with the speed improvements. Drag and drop is instantaneous.

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  • Ian WilliamsIan Williams, over 8 years ago

    I am enjoying it, but I'm kind of curious as to why companies aren't running further with the concepts of material design. For example, the updated New Project button is textbook MD and doesn't really deviate at all.

    I'll be watching to see how they experiment and change things as they see how MD relates to Invision.

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  • Cristian MoiseiCristian Moisei, over 8 years ago

    They've been talking about it for a while, I'm glad to finally see it live. I don't see any critical improvements but it's a good layout and a welcomed refresh.

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  • Drew BeckDrew Beck, over 8 years ago

    Interesting to see a site with such rich functionality going Material. It does feel too slavish to MD, though, in a way that highlights some issues in the spec.

    Other deviations from the spec are suspect: all caps in dropdowns, for instance, just seems wrong — so hard to scan and grok the 'more' (…) dropdown, and no hover state for menu items, too.

    I'm hoping this is a living redesign and will keep getting attention. Redoing a complex interface like Invision is not easy and I applaud the efforts — and, as someone leaning on material design for my own complex web app redesign right now, I'm hoping to steal some good ideas :)

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  • Matt SistoMatt Sisto, over 8 years ago

    Not sure why, but those green and blue buttons were two of my favorite buttons anywhere.

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