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8 years ago from , UX Designer

Lately, I've been using Sketch for a while to create basic wireframes and UI and I'm actually really happy with the app. However, I just can't get the hang of drawing non-UI shapes in Sketch. It's so much easier with Illustrator and InDesign with their direct select tool and being able to select and cut lines and points. Do any of y'all have a resource or can explain how to draw, cut, and join complex shapes in Sketch?


  • Olivier HeitzOlivier Heitz, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    The Sketch Talk forum http://sketchtalk.io is always a good place to find Sketch resources, tutorials and answers. Not that I'm biased

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    • Aaron Calzado, 8 years ago

      Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, there are no existing posts relating to my question. I'll post on there later today.

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  • Stef KorsStef Kors, almost 8 years ago

    There are some workflow things you need to learn.

    First add in all the icons by doing right click on the toolbar and customise it.

    You have union, subtract, merge and difference. These work by combining two shapes. When you use one of these things you need to use flatten, because if not they will stay interactive and "soft".

    Also to cut for separate things, double click and use the knife or scissors from the toolbar.

    Also check out the Layers -> path options they could be handy.

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