• Tony GinesTony Gines, over 8 years ago

    The way the top function keys line up now is so satisfying.

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  • Sol RaySol Ray, over 8 years ago

    Is it just me or does most (if not all) single letters (and numbers) are not perfectly center-aligned? They appear a bit off to the right.

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  • Ray BriglebRay Brigleb, over 8 years ago

    Most notably, to me, they're using the new San Francisco font they designed for the watch.

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  • Jonathan RichardJonathan Richard, over 8 years ago

    And now I'm feeling nostalgic about my first MacBook Pro keyboard Old Keyboard

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  • Raphael LoderRaphael Loder, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

    I obviously haven't used the keyboard yet, but I don't understand the decision for the ESC button. Why did they enlarge it? By doing that the mapping is totally off, since the F keys are now half a key more to the right than the number keys.

    On my keyboard I can count that when I go one key above 1 I can dim down the brightness of the screen. It's fast an reliable. Now I have to factor in the size of the ESC key. Is the key so important to make it that big? I personally never had problems reaching that key since it's in the far left corner and that's how I can't miss it.

    Edit: Upon further inspection I now see that at least they are "reliably" half a key to the right. On the old keyboards the distance grew bit by bit up until to F11, where it actually is half a key off.

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  • Jordi TambilloJordi Tambillo, over 8 years ago

    It looks like someone hated the space above the left/right arrows. Nice move IMO.

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  • Shaun TollertonShaun Tollerton, over 8 years ago (edited over 8 years ago )

    Looks like the font has moved on from VAG Rounded to San Francisco.

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  • Floyd WilliamsonFloyd Williamson, over 8 years ago

    I love how they reduced the gap between the keys. I have always found it awkward.

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  • Michael AleoMichael Aleo, over 8 years ago

    The right alignment of control, option, and command on the left side of the spacebar... I can't unsee it.

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