Advice on getting hired as a creative director?

over 10 years ago from , Corporate Marketing Web Manager at Blackbaud, Inc.

I have an interview coming up next week for a creative director position and wanted to know if there are any pointers or tips out there to put my best foot forward in this en-devour.


  • Mark ForscherMark Forscher, over 10 years ago


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  • Max SchultzMax Schultz, over 10 years ago

    talk about your best practices for providing creative feedback and designing iteratively

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  • John FlynnJohn Flynn, over 10 years ago

    First: don't spell 'endeavor' wrong!

    Secondly: You should have a solid portfolio showcasing not only your work, but the finished product on multiple projects that you've shipped to customers. Ideally, this would contain detail on your design process, as well as information about the team(s) you worked with and managed.

    3: Be personable and knowledgeable. You're a creative director, so you'll have to direct things. Part of the interview process is convincing your future boss and coworkers that you're able to successfully do this.

    D: Good luck!

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