Can we update the functionality on the Pixel Header and Pixel Portrait editors?

almost 9 years ago from , Designer @intpd

Currently updating the header and profile images on Designer News is a HUGE pain, and for me, unenjoyable. I think adding some functionality so that it represents something like the fabric design tool in Animal Crossing would be a huge improvement.

Adding features such as a line tool, circle tool, rectangle tool, and a color selector would be super beneficial. I know it's not something that everybody cares about, but being a site based around a community of designers and developers who have a passion for UI and UX, i think it would be a nice touch.


  • Chris ColemanChris Coleman, almost 9 years ago

    I think the charm in the tool is in its simplicity. The only thing I would ask is a palette to choose colors from, instead of all the clicking to choose colors.

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  • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, almost 9 years ago

    Or maybe leave the drawing tools as they are, but allow bitmap uploads (discard all colours that don’t match available ones)?

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  • Jackson de CamposJackson de Campos, almost 9 years ago

    I built a tool for image uploads: http://jacksondc.com/dnprofile/. There are a few other ones too (1, 2) but they don't work with colors or header images.

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  • Rob GillRob Gill, almost 9 years ago


    The avatar creator is what makes design news... you need to commit some serious time to have a well designed avatar! So when you see someone has a crazy profile... respect.

    I also really like the fact it's hard to unlock colours. Mean you can see who's got good kama. And gamifies the forumn.

    DN you could possibly just have greyscale as default, 3-5 greys? But, I like it how it is currently.

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