Ask DN: Best Version Control for After Effects

almost 9 years ago from , Jackalope.io & The Brute Squad

Motion Designers,

What do you use for version control in After Effects?

I'm currently trying to keep dozens and dozens of massive AE project files organized with naming versions, but it would be so much easer if I could just have one file that acts like a repository. It would save me hard drive space and time.


  • Nate vNate v, almost 9 years ago

    We used to use SVN to do version control on full client folders. The folders would usually have a copy of the site, design files (.ai / .psds) and other project documents. I found it worked pretty well, but SVN can be kinda ugly to look at.

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  • Taron GhazaryanTaron Ghazaryan, almost 9 years ago

    Have you tried time machine? I know it's not the best version control out there but at least it's automated.

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  • Austin Kettner, almost 9 years ago (edited almost 9 years ago )

    My goto suggestion for VCS is Git and while it breaks down with large files (art/media/etc), there is an extension on Github for Git that may make it realistic for you. https://github.com/alebedev/git-media

    I have never had to use it, but I have had it bookmarked.

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    • Mason Lawlor, almost 9 years ago

      Damn, this looks like a great option because I'm already big on Github. But I'm getting an error through the bundle install with nokogiri. I'm sure I could figure it out but it seems like it's going to be a big time investment, so I'll continue my search for an easier solution. I might revisit it again though, because it looks rad.

      I code some, so I wouldn't mind figuring it out and using it, but nobody else I do video production with does code, so I think it would be hard to implement it across the company. I hope I can find something really simple. Hopefully with a .dmg install.

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