ASK DN: moodboarding digitally vs printing or 3rd solution?

almost 9 years ago from , UI Designer

Dear Designer News,

Currently I was wondering about this particular problem. I've got various projects on which I have various thought on. I have a certain image in my head, but to come to a decisive conclusion I have to get things straight and structured for each project. Clearly have everything laid out before me so to say. What do you guys do when such a problem arises.

I am a visual thinker, I can clearly see images in my mind, but connecting those is hard. Mood boarding is of course a solution, but how?

Digitally I have not found a better solution than http://niice.co , as it focuses purely on the images (no white space etc that can influence color choices). However it doesn't let you play with the images, shuffle, re-arrange, maybe even edit. (the closest what comes into this I think is OneNote, but please correct me, of course you can use photoshop etc, but it seems overdone(maybe affinity designer or newly released photo?))

All in all, digitally means you're limited to your monitors screen estate.... although it has promising aspects as well, such as editing and re-editing, discarding mistakes.

I have made myself a war room. A big grey wall on which I can write with crayons. The companion for this would be printing out each image. A costly solution, which is less flexible but removes the screen estate limitation.

Burn loose people, I am not here to find a perfect solution. I am here to hear your solutions ,opinions and idea's.