• Eduardo NunesEduardo Nunes, 8 years ago

    Awesome. Also, some sweet poetry in that Metaphorpsum thing...

    "The flute is a literature. The literature would have us believe that a shabby tsunami is not but an apartment. This is not to discredit the idea that a fervid rocket is a pie of the mind. Those uncles are nothing more than childrens. "

    Powerful stuff.

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  • Kyle Stetz, 8 years ago

    Hey there— just finished a demo site for Sentencer, a node module that makes madlibs-style sentence templating easy. It was created for http://metaphorpsum.com and provides the foundation for a great lorem ipsum generator!

    Logo by Matt Goold: https://dribbble.com/mattgoold

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  • alec salec s, 8 years ago

    Brilliant, and the logo is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY. Nice work, guys!

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