• Account deleted over 10 years ago

    Site is down.

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  • Tom CavillTom Cavill, over 10 years ago

    I love that you've written brief overviews of your upcoming projects. It's surprisingly unusual to come across that (many people seem scared to 'give away' their ideas). On that note, the Football DB and Readr projects excite me -- two things that should exist and that would really benefit from a design-led approach.

    This is a refreshing take on the personal site that I think should be applauded. Would love to get updates on your projects' progress.

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  • Michiel de GraafMichiel de Graaf, over 10 years ago

    To be brutally honest. It's so simple that it has no identity whatsoever and the Jim Carrey avatar only makes it worse.

    It's your personal site, it should look and feel like that. Give it some love, life and identity. To me this looks like a free Wordpress template right now.

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  • Jason RodriguezJason Rodriguez, over 10 years ago

    Looks great, just noticed that some of the language seemed a bit off - maybe some typos:

    worlds should be world's, companys should be companies, "You can read a little about more about my past and why" might read a bit better as "You can read a little bit more about my past and why...".

    Hope that's constructive!

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    • Joe Turner, over 10 years ago

      Thanks Jason. I think I rushed the whole thing a little, I'm never 100% happy with my personal site.. I'm going to take all comments into consideration.

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